ED - automatic reel system for barred pool cover

Discover ED, the ideal solution for automatically rolling up and unrolling your barred pool cover.

There are a variety of solutions available to you for covering your pool, including the barred pool cover. This piece of equipment enables you to secure, protect and overwinter your pool. It also preserves the water temperature and prevents it evaporating.

One of our range of covers, the multi-purpose Solae Waterair®, also heats your pool with solar energy.

What if, in addition to having a covered, secure and heated pool, you could roll up and unroll this cover automatically?

In order to offer you even more comfort, Waterair Swimming Pool has developed ED, the solution that makes your rectangular barred pool cover really simple to use. Thanks to its radio remote control system, you will be able to cover and uncover your pool with ease, and in under two minutes.(1).

Its bonuses

Because it doesn’t need a rail, ED can be installed easily at any time, with no special work required. This means that your poolside area can remain intact. With its beige or grey housing, ED will blend discreetly into your poolside landscape.

ED is available for use with Waterair Swimming Pool barred pool covers:(2)

Our sales advisors are trained to help you choose the best pool and equipment for you. To find out more, request your free and personalised feasibility study.

(1) Recorded time taken to roll up a 5 x 10.5m cover: 1.30 minutes.
(2) With a maximum width of 5.60m.

Dive in!

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