To ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the water, we design our pools to adapt to all gardens, whatever their size.
The rectangular Nina pool is available in a 'mini' version with a surface area of less than 10m 2. Choosing this pool will enable you to enjoy refreshing dips and integrated seating where you can relax.
With its slender shape – it's less than 2 metres wide – it will fit anywhere, even on a small plot. Its design is perfect for optimising your garden: on one side, a terrace for entertaining; on the other, your pool, for enjoying the water whenever you like. The perfect place to gather the whole family together, without compromise!

Its bonuses
  • Do you want to exercise? You'll have enough space for your water aerobics.
  • Its minimalist design creates a contemporary bathing area.
  • It can be easily integrated into any garden due to its 1.96 m width.
  • With a surface area of less than 10m 2 , you won't need planning permission.


Item Length Width Surface area
Nina 2 382 3.82 m 1.96 m 7.5 m2
Nina 2 475 4.75 m 1.96 m 9.5 m2


Equipment as standard

The Nina pool is equipped with an integrated seat across its width, with space for two people.
The colour of your liner can be personalised according to your wishes: Grey, Tuscany, Azure, Silver Grey or Marble Slate. Turn your garden into a beautiful relaxation area that suits your needs and style.