Have you always dreamed of installing a pool in your garden, but are worried there’s not enough space? Choose the Olivia: as practical as it is stylish! Its oval shape looks great in any environment. With its classic contour, the Olivia is a stunning addition to your garden and the perfect setting for family fun or relaxation. Its sleek design optimises space and lets you swim that extra distance.

Advantages of the model

The Olivia oval pool is as beautiful as it is practical. With its oval shape, it works on any natural terrain: even steep slopes. This pool with understated contemporary lines will add value to your outside space and is ideal for fun and relaxation for the whole family. Adding (optional) Orbis, Paso or Welcome steps turns it into a multizone pool with an area to suit everyone.

The oval shape is easy to top with an enclosure or cover. The rounded design makes swimming around the pool a pleasure. These curves also optimise water flow and facilitate maintenance. Olivia is an oval pool that can be small or large: personalised to suit you and your family.


The Olivia pool comes in different sizes. It can be 3.30 m to 22.76 m long and 2.37 m to 4.75 m wide. These different dimensions mean it will blend nicely into any background to fit in with the space you have available. Your oval pool can also take the form of a swimming lane for the sporty with dimensions of 11.95 m by 3.57 m.

Equipment as standard

First, you can choose the right pool bottom for your needs - a flat bottom at 1.20 m or 1.50 m, a curved bottom, a mini-well or a deep end - depending on whether it will be a family or sports pool. You can also choose the colour of your pool thanks to our range of liners: azure blue, grey, tuscany or marble slate.