The purchase of an in-ground swimming pool is a serious matter that you only do once in a lifetime. Obviously, the choice of shape is primarily based on aesthetics. Then come the criteria of usage, integration into the garden, ease of maintenance and, above all, budget.

As the name indicates, square pools have right angles and sides of equal length. Their stylish design gives a great deal of originality to your garden. As they are generally flat-bottomed, this type of pool is designed for family bathing.

Square pools are not very functional, but why?

Square pools are not adapted to swimming. They are mono-zone pools that are essentially used for cooling off and relaxation. For the same volume, there are other types of pool that combine swimming and relaxation. In addition, they are more difficult to cover. Being wider than oval or rectangular pools, they require a cover or shelter with a greater span.

At Waterair Swimming Pools, we have many alternatives.

In fact, our pools adapt perfectly to every type of natural terrain, even steep slopes. They are designed to best respond to the functions required by each user. Swimmers, fans of aqua-siestas and water games – everybody will be happy!

A close-up on some of our star models:

The Elsa with its incorporated ENJOY steps that combine relaxation while freeing space for swimming. It is the ideal combination for swimming lengths and perfecting your tan.

Piscine ovale Elsa dans un jardin avec terrasse en dalles de béton

The Luna which offers a pleasant relaxation area thanks to its PACIO steps. Ideal for families who want to benefit from a bathing area when they only have limited space available. Optimum comfort guaranteed!

Piscine de forme libre Luna avec margelles et plage en bois

The Olivia,with classic lines and easy to live with, is suitable for both athletes and sun worshippers. The addition of steps creates a multi-zone pool where each user will find an area adapted to their expectations. The advantage – steps can be added anywhere. It's your choice! Why not facing the sunset? For maximum well-being after a long day at work..

Piscine Olivia

Mini pools for maxi pleasure!

Sara Mini, the undisputed star for small gardens. Its integrated INSIDE steps are both practical and discreet and leave all the space necessary for cooling off all summer long.

The Lola Mini adapts to all spaces, even the most confined. Its oval shape makes it a very pleasant area for relaxation and to enjoy peace and quiet. Its integrated PACIO steps have a lot to do with it!

Mini piscine Lola dans un jardin avec une terrasse en bois

Good to know when calculating the area

A 20 m² area with a different layout does not necessarily provide the same usage. Proof in figures:

For example :

Oval pool: 7.30 x 2.96 = 20 m²

Rectangular pool: 6.43 x 3.18= 20 m²

Square pool: 4,47 x 4,47 = 20 m²

Round pool: 6.5 m of diameter for 20 m²  ((2.54)² x 3.14)

All you need to do is define, with the help of our local partner in your country, the model and size of pool that corresponds to your expectations. To do so, request a free, personalised site study.