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Mini piscine rectangle

Your Nina pool and its personalised pool assistant 

This narrow pool fits elegantly into any garden, even a small one. The Nina pool gives you a beautiful space for a refreshing dip and a relaxation area with integrated seating.

With its nine variants, the Nina swimming pool adapts to all your desires ! 

It comes in a mini version (under 10m2) or a family-sized one. Whatever the size of your garden, you'll find a model that will enable you to enjoy the joys of swimming at home. 

Banquette pour piscine

Its advantages : 

  • With integrated seating, Nina offers you a relaxing area for two people. This seat will quickly become your favourite place to bask in the sun. 
  • Choose the bottom depth that suits you best: Nina is available with a 1.20 m or 1.40 m deep flat bottom.

Manage and maintain your pool easily with the easy·care smart assistant

1 • Immerse the easy·care monitor in your swimming pool. It continuously measures the parameters of your water (pH, chlorine, temperature).

2 • Automatically receive notifications if intervention is required.

3 • Correct following the application instructions.

4 • Order products via the app.

5 • Automate pool filtration and lighting from your smartphone using the smart control pool unit.

6 • Protect your equipment and check the pressure in the hydraulic circuit with the pressure sensor. It will warn you in the event of
malfunction and alert you when your filter needs cleaning.

 Enjoy a totally peaceful and pleasurable pool experience !

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