Build your swimming pool in complete freedom…

How do I build a Waterair pool? A Waterair pool can be built easily in a few days. Your swimming pool is easy to integrate, even in small or difficult-to-access spaces.

Depending on the package you choose, save 30 to 50% over traditional techniques*. The free pool installation study helps you to make the right choice when building your pool.

The Kit

You want to build your pool yourself.

Assisted Kit

You prefer to entrust some of the pool construction to a professional.


Waterair Swimming Pools will select a team of professionals for you, to take charge of every stage of the installation of your steel panel swimming pool.

Pool construction

Thanks to the concept of assembly panels, it is easy to build your swimming pool. The team of professionals at Waterair Swimming Pools will take care of preparing your pool, so that you can benefit from a simple and reliable construction solution that is suitable for your property.

The stages of construction of your swimming pool


1 - Dig a hole and prepare the ground

There is a specific plan for the builder to trace the perimeter of the pool and dig to the desired depth


2 - Assemble, fit the main structure

Each panel weighs a maximum of 27 to 44 kg, making them easy to handle.

Panels are easy to assemble using double bolting.


3 - Stabilise the bottom

You just need to make a screed (with no concrete layer undreneath or supporting masonry) or a layer of stabilised sand.


4 - Fit the liner

The pressure of the water flattens the liner at the edges and on the bottom.

The Fire system enables the liner to be laid without unsightly folds, giving a perfect finish. Also, if the liner is changed, there's no need to remove the coping.


5 - Fit the coping

Once the coping is in place, you can get in the pool!


6 - Adjust

You can design the poolside area as you wish…