The free-form Madeleine pool combines originality and natural style. Its subtle but distinctive mix of straight and curved lines ensures that it will fit comfortably into any type of natural terrain.

Why choose the Madeleine ?

Its straight side can be lined up with the wall of your house or the edge of your garden, while its curved side softens the design and enables it to fit around a corner of your house or a tree you want to keep.


Choose the ideal size of your Madeleine pool – from 6.37m to 13.46m – to match your terrain and the desires of the whole family.

Equipment as standard

Create a swimming pool that matches your style by choosing the colour of the water: with Azure, Solid Grey, Tuscany or Marble Slate liners, you can select the shade that will best match your layout.
You can also choose a pool bottom to suit the use you want to make of your pool. Whether you're sporty, love diving or playing water games or simply want to relax, you're bound to find what you're looking for with a choice between a flat bottom, dished floor, mini-well or deep-end pool bottom.