Both timeless and great for swimming, this lap pool variation of the Elsa pool has everything you could wish for. Its pure, streamlined shape will blend perfectly into your garden. In addition, its curves will make it easier to move around the pool, while also optimising water flow and thus facilitating maintenance. Equipped with the integrated Enjoy steps, your lap pool will become a multi-zone space that will suit the needs of serious swimmers as well as the rest of the family.

A comfortable and functional pool

The real bonus of this pool is its integrated Enjoy steps, which can be placed in whichever corner of the lap pool you wish. Their size and siting have been designed to free up maximum swimming length.

Spacious and sociable, they're the perfect place to relax after a workout. You can add two options: two whirlpool jets, for even more comfort, and six LED Escalight® spotlights.


To enable you to swim unlimited lengths, the Elsa lap pool is available in customised lengths from 12m and widths from 3.57m. In order to retain its 'swimming-lane' appearance, this type of pool is narrower than a classic pool.

Equipment as standard

Choose the colour of your liner: from Azure or Tuscany to Solid Grey or Marble Slate – four on-trend shades to choose from to create a pool that suits you. 

You can also choose the profile of your pool bottom: 1.20m or 1.50m flat bottom, mini-well, dished floor – whatever your desires, your pool will adapt to you.