Discover our Lisa Kit model, a perfectly balanced modern yet understated pool.  Its streamlined shape will beautifully match your garden

Combining an oval shape and Pacio steps makes it easier to move around the pool.


This oval pool is available in lengths from 5.28m to 9.93m, with a width of 2.96m. 

Equipment as standard

Mint, azure blue, grey, tuscan or marbled slate liner: you determine your pool’s style. You can also choose from a 1.20m or 1.50m flat pool floor, dished floor or mini deep end to suit your pool use, whether for family fun or active swimming.

Pool coating/Liners

Solid Grey Liner
Bleu Azur liner
Marble Slate liner


Escalier Pacio

Pool bottoms

1.20m flat bottom
Dished floor
Mini Pool