This criteria depends on your wishes and budget, but also and above all on the area available It is commonly believed that you need a large garden to install a swimming pool. However, there are many different sizes available on the market.

Waterair Swimming Pools understands this, which is why it offers customisable pool sizes. The secret? A corrugated steel framework which, in addition to exceptional resistance, enables us to offer bespoke swimming pools. Here is a little guide to swimming pool sizes that will help you choose:

"Standard" pool sizes

The standard dimensions available on the market are:

  • 6x3 metre pools (also 6x2 and 6x4 metre pools), i.e. an area of 18m²
  • 7x3 metre pools (also 7x4 and 7x5 metre pools), i.e. an area of 21m²
  • 8x4 metre pools (also 8x3 and 8x5 metre pools), i.e. an area of 32m²
  • 9x4 metre pools (also 9x3 and 9x5 metre pools), i.e. an area of 36m²
  • 10x4 metre pools (also 10x5 and 10x6 metre pools), i.e. an area of 40m²

Buyers often think of their future pool as a rectangle or even a swimming pool shell.
At Waterair Swimming Pools, our pools have rounded corners and various shapes to adapt to all gardens and constraints of the terrain. Pools with straight shapes optimise the poolside area, while free forms or bean-shaped pools fit the edges of a terrace or house for perfect integration in every garden.
Beyond the choice of the shape, you can customise the pool equipment and its dimensions!

Our sizes are therefore much more varied than standard sizes. However, we do offer equivalents:

  • the oval Olivia pool measures 5.16x2.37 metres (which corresponds to a 6x3 metre pool) for an area of 11m²
  • the rectangular Sara pool measures 7.36x3.18 metres (which corresponds to a 7x3 metre pool) for an area of 22.5m²
  • the bean-shaped Sofia pool measures 8.06x4.80x3.68 metres (which corresponds to a classic 8x4 metre pool) for an area of 30m²
  • the rectangular Barbara pool measures 10.40x4.80 metres (which corresponds to a 10x4 metre pool) for an area of 48m²

If you need help to assess the size of the pool best adapted to your plot, ask for a free location study.

Small swimming pools

The average area of plots has decreased over the past 30 years. The same applies to swimming pools!
That is why there are more models of small pools available today.
A swimming pool is considered small when the area does not exceed 10m². In addition to being perfectly adapted to small gardens, these mini-pools do not require a declaration of works (except in protected zones).


    The standard sizes on the market:

    • 3x2 metre pools (i.e. 6m²)
    • 4x2 metre pools (i.e. 8m²)
    • 5x2 metre pools (i.e. 10m²)

    Waterair Swimming Pools offers you 3 models of mini-pools:

    • Olivia Mini measuring 4.23x2.37 metres, i.e. 9m²
    • Sara Mini measuring 3.88x2.71 metres, i.e. 10m²
    • Lola Mini which measures 3.75x2.96 metres, i.e. 9m²

    Stairs can be added to two of these models (the Sara and the Lola) for increased comfort. Mini pool, maxi pleasure!

    Lap pools

    Sports lovers can choose to install a lap pool in their gardens. These pools are around 10 metres in length and can reach 25 metres. They are rather narrow, reaching up to 4 metres in width. A 12x3 metre pool is a standard size for a lap pool.

    Waterair Swimming Pools offers lap pools of the following sizes:

    • the Sara measuring 9.22x3.18 metres (28.5m² of area)
    • the Olivia measuring 11.95x3.57 metres (40m² of area)
    • the Elsa measuring 12.01x3.57 metres (40m² of area)

    In addition to these three models, it is possible to choose a Waterair pool that is larger than those mentioned. In fact, by adding a few panels you can obtain the 25 metre pool of your dreams!

    Grande piscine Olivia et son escalier Welcome

    There is a Waterair swimming pool for every fancy: let's get to know each other to build together the pool that corresponds to your wishes, your garden and your budget.