What shapes are available for an aboveground steel pool ?

Waterair Swimming Pool technology enables you to choose from a variety of shapes for your aboveground pool: rectangle, oval or free-form –anything is possible. This freedom of choice is due to the pool's structure, made up of corrugated steel panels and struts. Your pool can be adapted to any type of natural terrain, wherever its location.


Piscine en forme de haricot Eva avec escalier entrant et plage en bois

What sizes are available for an aboveground steel pool ?

Not only does the steel kit allow you to build an aboveground swimming pool in the shape of your choice, but you can also choose its size to suit to your aspirations :  

A family aboveground pool : from 20 to 40 m2

A family-sized pool is one that is big enough for children and adults alike to be able to enjoy it to the full. It's long enough for swimming and has a play area and perhaps even steps with whirlpool jets, providing a relaxation area. 

Small aboveground pool: > 20m2

Those with small gardens can also enjoy refreshing dips, without the need for a large pool. Some models are even available in mini version. Under 10m2, a mini pool can be installed quickly and doesn't require planning permission.

Large aboveground pool: over 40 m2

Large pools are particularly appreciated by serious swimmers and big families and can also be installed above ground. Some people will even be tempted by a lap pool – perfect for swimming lengths.


How to install or assemble your aboveground pool kit ?

Choosing a Waterair pool in kit form gives you the option of adapting its location to suit your terrain :

  • Do you have a steeply sloping garden ? Your pool can be in-ground on one side and remain aboveground on the other.
  • Do you have a raised terrace ? An aboveground pool can be installed to line up with it. 
  • Do you have a steep terrain ? The structure becomes all-terrain to allow you to enjoy your pool to the full.

When it comes to assembly, your Waterair aboveground pool is quick and easy to install : landscape (if necessary), assemble the structure, lay the screed, position the liner and you're ready to enjoy a swim !


What equipment do I need for an aboveground pool ?

For more comfort, you can equip your aboveground pool to suit your wishes. Here are some tips to make the most of your pool : 


Create your relaxation area

For that, there's nothing better than integrated steps.  The perfect place to sit and enjoy a well-earned break, they can be equipped with whirlpool jets for a totally relaxing experience. Add some LED spots and not only will your pool be illuminated in the evening, but you'll be able to descend the steps easily and safely both day and night.


Heat your pool water

With a heat pump or a solar cover, you'll be able to enjoy a perfect water temperature throughout the bathing season.

Escalier pour piscine

Make life easier with an automation system

A smart pool assistant will constantly analyse your water parameters for you. It will also enable you to manage your filtration and your lights remotely. Add an automatic pool cleaner, and you can ensure that your pool and its water remain impeccably clean with no effort on your part.

Utilisation de l’application easy care waterair pour relever les paramètres de l’eau de la piscine

What safety measures do I need for an aboveground pool ?

Even with an aboveground installation, you need to ensure that your pool is safe. Several solutions are available to you :  



This is the only active safety system that provides an alert in the event of something or someone weighing more than 6 kg falling into the water. This device is the cheapest on the market. It's both aesthetic and easy to install.

Photo d'une alarme de piscine

A suitable safety cover

These very strong covers facilitate pool maintenance by protecting the pool from dirt and by limiting the growth of algae. They also maintain the temperature of your water.


Safety barrier

They're easily installed by following the desired perimeter around the pool.
It's up to you to choose the solution that best suits your installation and your budget.

To support you in this fine project, a sales advisor is available to carry out a free and completely personalised feasibility study and help you create your bespoke pool.