French manufacturer, in the heart of the countryside, close to nature, our company has always worked hard to constantly improve the quality of its products to increase their lifetime.

Nowadays, when making your choice, it is completely natural to ask yourself about your pool's impact on the environment.

The questions below are the ones that we are most commonly asked by our customers. We have tried to answer them as objectively as we can.

Does a swimming pool use a lot of water?

Rare and unevenly distributed throughout the world, water is a precious resource that should be saved.

Waterair pools only need to be filled once! Thereafter, simple but regular maintenance means that your pool will never have to be emptied.

Finally, a study (FPP) shows that the yearly water consumption of the 1,350,000 family swimming pools in France is estimated at 0.05% of national water consumption, (with 70% being used in agriculture).

How much CO2 is emitted by the construction of a Waterair pool?

We asked SYMOE, a specialist in CO2 emissions, to compare the different techniques for building a swimming pool.

This requires a complex approach, as the measurement needs to be done on all processes: raw material extraction, manufacture, transport etc.

  1. Building a WATERAIR pool emits fewer greenhouse gases than “shell” or concrete pools.
  2. Does using a swimming pool pollute the environment?
  3. By following our maintenance advice you are playing a role in sustainable development. It's a win/win commitment. You will be controlling your water consumption, preserving natural resources and saving money.
  4. The use of a swimming pool for one year (electricity, products, etc.) accounts for around 1.2% of the annual average CO2 emissions from a French household: the equivalent of a return journey between Paris-Nantes by plane for one person in economy class (source: FPP).

Installing a swimming pool in your garden and opting to have holidays at home all year round makes you an environmentally-friendly citizen!

What specific commitments has WATERAIR Swimming Pools made in terms of reducing greenhouse gas and sustainable development?

At Waterair Swimming Pools, environmentally-friendly design is at the forefront of our daily activities. This is reflected by our strict requirements: all new products must emit less CO2 than the products they replace.

Reducing the amount of packaging we use is also a priority for us.