This free-form pool is the perfect size for those looking to combine relaxation with fun, while keeping the possibility open for a long lap. Its unique shape gives it a stylish aesthetic appeal that makes a stunning addition to any garden

Why choose the Emma?

A unique aesthetic highlighted by graceful curved edges that allow for luxurious offset steps and the option of dividing the pool into different zones for play, relaxation and swimming. The Emma is the perfect combination of elegance and originality.

Its versatile free-form shape means you don't have to choose between relaxation and fun – you can have it all! Customise the Emma to make it your very own.


This spacious pool comes in two sizes: the first (7.24 m x 4.15 m x 2.96 m) boasts a surface area of 22 m2 and the second (8.17 m x 4.15 m x 2.96 m) a surface area of 25 m2. It's the perfect-sized pool for a lazy summer day or for practising your breaststroke.

Equipment as standard

Emma comes with a number of standard features. Choose from azure, grey or Tuscan pool liner shades. Grand-entrance Pacio steps blend perfectly with the Emma's free-form curves. Choose the pool bottom that best suits your pool use (water games, diving, etc.): flat, cove or sport. For optimal pool maintenance, Waterair offers a choice of 3 compatible filtration systems: cartridge, sand or compact.

Personalise your pool

Liner de piscine couleur sable Toscane
Liner de piscine bleu azur
Liner de piscine gris
Solid Grey
Liner de piscine marbré couleur ardoise
Marble Slate
Escalier Pacio
1.20m flat bottom
Dished floor