The kidney-shaped pool lends a certain originality to your pool while ensuring its aesthetic appeal and functionality. It has been updated over the years and adapts perfectly to all terrains. Easy to maintain and cover, the kidney-shaped pool could be the highlight of your garden.

The kidney-shaped pool: what is it?

The kidney-shaped pool combines aesthetic appeal, contemporary design and practicality. The appealing curved lines of its atypical shape give your pool a unique character. Its gentle curves enable it to blend well into all landscapes and make it particularly suitable for small spaces. As its name suggests, its shape resembles that of a kidney bean and its outline is entirely curved to avoid sharp angles.
Did you know? The kidney-shaped pool is often recommended by followers of Feng Shui. This art aims to harmonise environmental energy to promote health, well-being and prosperity. The configuration of space is thus a key issue and the rooms in the house and the areas of the garden are arranged in such a way as to establish harmonious relationships in the home.

A shell or steel kidney-shaped pool: which to choose?

Either of these options enables you to install a kidney-shaped pool in your garden. The kidney-shaped shell pool is installed as a single unit. Its structure is manufactured in the factory from a pre-made mould. This means that the steps are positioned at a fixed place. Conversely, the kidney-shaped steel pool enables the client to choose where to position their pool steps: for example, you could place them facing the sunset so that you can relax with a drink and forget all the stress of your day! Most importantly, the steel kit allows personalisation of the depth, which is a key factor in optimising pool use.

There is a kidney-shaped pool for all tastes at Waterair Swimming Pools.

At Waterair Swimming Pools, we have created three kidney-shaped pool designs:

The Céline design

Timeless and resolutely modern, the Céline kidney-shaped pool adapts to any environment with elegance. It is easy to install thanks to its rounded shape, which requires very few struts. The Céline design can be equipped with optional external steps. Opt for Orbis, Paso or Welcome steps. Whatever your choice of steps, you can position them where you think best, perhaps to enjoy a delightful view. The length of your Céline pool can vary from 4.93 m to 11 m.

The Sofia design

With its modern design, the Sofia kidney-shaped pool offers two areas for two ambiances. At one end, there’s space for acrobatic jumping competitions, while at the other, you can read with your feet in the water. Perfectly adapted to suit any garden landscape, the Sofia design is equipped with integrated Enjoy steps. Thanks to its kidney shape, it can easily fit around the contours of your house. It varies in length from 6.04 m to 9.05 m.

The Eva design

Its soft and rounded lines integrate harmoniously in your garden landscape. The multi-zone Eva pool is perfect for relaxing, with its Pacio steps, which can accommodate several people. Many families have already been won over by the kidney-shaped Eva pool! It varies in length from 7.16 m to 8.92 m.

These last two models are easy to cover thanks to their integrated steps. Easier, in fact, than the Céline design with its external steps.
Each kidney-shaped pool in the Waterair Swimming Pools range is delivered with standard features, all of which are customisable. In the case of the Céline design, this includes the choice of steps as well as the colour of your liner (azure, grey, Tuscany or marble slate). You can also choose the pool bottom profile that suits you best depending on how you plan to use your pool (mini-well, dished floor, flat bottom).

In addition, you can choose equipment such as an enclosure or cover to keep your pool safe and maintain the water temperature throughout the season. At Waterair Swimming Pools, the kidney-shaped pool is easy to cover and keep safe because our range of equipment is designed for all our pool designs.
For more information on kidney-shaped pools, you can request a free and personalised feasibility study. One of our sales advisors will visit you at your home to provide you with expert advice and help you create your dream pool.

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