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Ready to take the plunge and build the outdoor pool of your dreams in your own garden? You’ve made the right choice!
Installing an outdoor swimming pool is an excellent way to both enhance your property and at the same time provide health, wellbeing, fun and leisure for the whole family.
But what are the options available to you?

Building a custom-made outdoor swimming pool: the advantages of using Waterair Pools

Providing a swimming pool for the whole family requires careful thought and consideration. You also need to make sure you find the right swimming pool specialist who’ll be able to advise you and help you make the correct choices where the installation of your outdoor swimming pool is concerned. Waterair Pools is just such a specialist.

Firstly, Waterair swimming pools can be widely adapted to suit all different kinds of terrain. Thanks to their basins constructed from corrugated steel panels, they can be installed in all kinds of configurations in your garden. This ensures that installing your swimming pool in the grounds of your house is a simple and rapid process. It’s also perfectly possible to have our pools installed on sloping or terraced terrain or in clayey or sandy ground. To check exactly what options are available to you, request an installation assessment.

Our pools can also be adapted to suit your own tastes and preferences! We offer a range of swimming pool steps, four different basic pool shapes, four different bottom profiles, various different pool sizes various types of pool liners/lining in all, more than 200,000 variations, enough to enable you to create a custom-made pool to match your tastes, preferences, requirements… and budget.

Economise and save money with a swimming pool by Waterair. We offer various building assistance options. For example, you can save up to 50% in labour costs by building your swimming pool yourself. This will leave you with enough budget left to equip your pool to a higher standard (jacuzzi steps, pool lighting, a heat pump, etc.) and thus provide even more enjoyment and delight for the whole family.

Waterair pools are both economical and strongly constructed. According to a study carried out by Veritas, Waterair panels offer four times more resistance than required to stand up to the maximum pressure exerted by the swimming pool structure. Furthermore, the same study also referred to the fact that they provide greater stability than concrete walls up to 45 cm thick. The structure of our pools is guaranteed for 20 years* and can cope with extreme conditions (e.g. severe frosts, earthquakes and tremors, etc.).

If you would like to take a look at the possibilities, request a free catalogue and start choosing the right outdoor pool to enhance the beauty of your garden.

*Subject to the conditions of our guarantee

Why install an outdoor swimming pool in your garden?

Installing an outdoor swimming pool in a garden provides undoubted benefits.

Creating a pool area is an excellent way to arrange and layout your garden and enhance your living lifestyle. Finish off the design and layout of your pool area by installing a garden lounge or a barbecue! Had enough of evenings spent in front of the TV? Then consider the possibility of being in your own outdoor pool having a great time with family or friends.

Installing an outdoor pool is also a way of adding extra value to your house. In fact various studies have shown that the addition of a swimming pool to your garden could increase the value of your house by up to 20% !

And finally, by building an outdoor swimming pool you’ll be able to swim every day. This will enable you to improve your fitness without having to use the car – a genuine saving in time, and the beneficial effects of the water on your skin into the bargain! You could even consider adding a few items of fitness equipment to create your very own bona-fide outdoor gym area!

So don’t wait a moment longer and request a free installation assessment today. A Waterair Pools adviser in your local area will then help you decide the right layout and configuration for your new outdoor swimming pool.

Dive in!

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