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A word of advice to the most sporty! Forget about the municipal swimming pool for your training; we have the solution you need: the lap pool. Long and slender, this pool design will delight expert swimmers as its length makes it suitable for serious swimming.

What is a lap pool?

Like Olympic swimming pools, the lap pool is defined by its long and narrow shape, ensuring a comfortable swimming length.

You will find pools from 15m to 20m in length, with some as long as 30m.
The width varies from 2m to a maximum of 5m; any wider and they lose their swimming-lane look.
Fairly shallow, a lap pool usually has a flat bottom with a depth of 1.20–1.50m.

In terms of design, the lap pool’s straight, streamlined and aesthetic lines will enhance your garden, especially if you have a long plot.

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Lap pool: choosing the type of construction

As with ‘classic’ pools, there are different solutions for realising your lap pool:

The lap pool kit

Thanks to its modular panel solution, the lap pool in kit form offers you the possibility of building it yourself. That way, you save on labour costs while still enjoying a beautiful pool in your garden.

The shell lap pool

Made of polyester, the shell lap pool offers the same characteristics as a so-called classic shell pool. Made from a predefined mould and delivered in one piece, it requires professional installation.

The concrete lap pool

Built entirely in situ, this type of construction is custom-built (in poured, sprayed or reinforced concrete). Installation and shaping must be done by a professional.

How much does a lap pool cost?

Thanks to corrugated-steel-panel patented technology, Waterair Swimming Pools’ lap pools have many advantages:

  • The size of your lap pool can be customised to fit the length of your terrain.
  • By following our assembly steps, you can build your own lap pool in just a few days. Save up to 50% on labour costs.
  • Customise your lap pool to meet your needs and desires by adding steps, massage jets, spotlights, etc.

For example:

  • Olivia Lap pool: 11,95 m x 3,57 m, 40 m²
  • Sara Lap pool: 11,08 m x 3,18 m, 34,50 m²
  • Elsa Lap pool: 12,01 m x 3,57 m, 40 m²
  • Emilie Lap pool: 10,80 m x 3,36 m, 36 m²

Ask for your free quote for installing your pool.

Cutsomising your lap pool

The ability to customise your pool is one of the many benefits of choosing a lap pool in kit form from Waterair Swimming Pools. Whether you want to increase your physical exertion or your comfort, you will find a range of suitable equipment.

There’s nothing like steps for relaxing

After a time of exertion, enjoy a moment of relaxation, and for that, what better place than the pool steps? Add some massage jets and your relaxation area is ready. In terms of your choice of steps, they can be either internal, integrated with the shape of the pool to retain the lap pool’s slender shape, or exterior, which will enable you to retain a maximum swimming length and to choose where you install them – so you can enjoy the sunset, for example.

For swimming

Vary your exercises, enjoy the counter-current system and a diving board. A lap pool provides the perfect length for all types of water workouts.

Maintaining and securing your lap pool

Having a lap pool does not necessarily mean you have a large volume of water to treat. Generally speaking, a shallow lap pool can have a similar volume to a so-called ‘classic’ swimming pool. The quantity of water-treatment products you’ll need to use therefore remains moderate.

There are also several solutions for ensuring pool safety:

  • An alarm: This is the only active safety measure that will warn you if a weight exceeding 6 kg (13 lb) falls into the pool. It both looks good and is easy to use. Be warned, however, that the alarm is triggered only when the child is in the water, so you need to act quickly.
  • An enclosure: Once closed, the enclosure enables you to completely secure your pool, but it does more than that. In fact, it has four significant advantages: it provides security; it heats the pool water by more than 9°C in an environmentally friendly way; it simplifies pool maintenance by preventing external pollution and thus it enables you to save on water-treatment products.

So if you, too, dream of a lap pool in your garden, request a free and personalised feasibility study. Your Waterair Swimming Pool advisor will be happy to assist you with your project.

Dive in!

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