Utiliser un assistant piscine connecté permet de simplifier l’entretien et de profiter davantage de la piscine

Innovations only make sense if they’re designed to serve their users, so Waterair Swimming Pools wanted to continue its commitment to its customers by simplifying pool maintenance.

Easy·care by Waterair is a personalised pool assistant designed to do just that in a very pragmatic way.

piscine connectée

* Trophy awarded by the Federation of Swimming Pool Professionals in the ‘Innovations and Equipment’ category.

Easy·care by Waterair: the personalised assistant

Easy·care by Waterair is the next step in Waterair Swimming Pools’ 30-year-long commitment to simplifying maintenance.

It all began in 1990 with the launch of the Easy range, and in particular, the Easy pool, which, thanks to its all-in-one formula, made it possible to limit pool maintenance to a once-a-fortnight treatment.
Simple and effective, its precise dosage saved significant time.

Today, with home automation becoming increasingly common, we needed to come up with a concept that would combine simplicity and automation. The result was easy·care!

But what is easy·care?
A range of equipment forming an ecosystem that provides personalised assistance. And since this is about your pool, easy·care will help you monitor the parameters of your water and, where necessary, will give you advice on maintenance requirements.

So, how does easy·care by Waterair work?

A Waterair modem, linked directly to your home hub, will provide the gateway to a smart world. It will receive information and transmit it to the network. It will then make all these data reports available on your smartphone.

A smart pool control unit, directly linked to your pool’s electrical box, will enable you to manage peripheral equipment (filtration system, Escalight® LED spotlights, etc.) Coupled with a pressure sensor that you install on your filtration (optional), it notifies you in the event of an anomaly (water level too low, clogging of the filter, etc.). It also tells you what remedial action you need to take. You can thus preserve your installation and prolong its life.

The modem, monitor and smart control unit communicate via the LoRa protocol. Better adapted than Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi, this technology functions everywhere in France.

A smart monitor floating on the surface of the pool will report your water parameters (temperature, pH, chlorine level). You will be able to consult this data on your smartphone, no matter where you are, using a mobile application.

The modem and smart monitor communicate via the LoRa protocol. Better adapted than Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi, this technology functions everywhere in France.

In the event of an alert, you will receive a notification from the dedicated mobile application. This personal assistant will then prescribe the correct adjustment to be made, taking into account the volume of your pool, the filtration system and your type of pool cover. So, you will know what product to add and in what quantity to restore the water to a healthy and clear state.

The bonuses? You can order your treatment products online in just a few clicks!
Eventually, other smart equipment will be added to the easy·care range. With the same ultimate objective: to help make life easier for our customers.

The AC1 smart monitor

Continuous measurement and analysis of your water data

The water parameters are automatically sent to your smartphone

Notifications inform you of actions to take

Take corrective action

as suggested by the app

The bonuses

Possibility of ordering products via the app

Smart pool control unit

Monitor the pool

Monitor the control unit and automate your filtration

Via the app on your smartphone

Remotely control your pool lighting

Easy·care equipment details

Take the plunge and enjoy a 100% peaceful and pleasurable pool experience!

To get equipped, contact your Waterair dealer.

Dive in!

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