A pool for relaxing

A pool is a new living space to extend your home. What a joy to be able to come home from a day's work, throw on your swimsuit and dive in!  Feel lighter, listen to the lapping of the water and enjoy the sunshine: you'll feel serene in no time.
Swimming a few lengths, relaxing in comfort on the steps with a book (or a cocktail) in your hand or playing a game of water polo with the children: whatever you're doing, you'll enjoy the pleasures of the water. It will help release physical tension and mental stress. 

What size should a leisure pool be?

Whatever the size of your pool, you can turn it into a great leisure space:

    Do you have a small garden?

    Our mini pools are ideal for helping you enjoy a refreshing dip and a few moments to unwind. The Lola mini, Sara mini and Emilie mini models will appeal to you with their integrated steps that provide the perfect place to relax at the end of the day.

    Do you want a more family-sized pool?

    All our models are available in a variety of sizes. Equipping your pool with steps turns it into a multi-zone space. You can enjoy a relaxing break while keeping an eye on the children playing at the other end of the pool.

    Would you like a big pool? 

    Often seen as being reserved for serious swimmers, large pools can also be dressed up with special features to allow you to enjoy some well-earned relaxing breaks. Discover the Emilie model in its lap pool version, equipped with the Square steps. You'll have two relaxation areas where you can take a breather after some exercise.

      Piscine rectangle – Couloir de nage

      What equipment do I need to create the ultimate relaxation space?

      • Steps where you can lounge in the water: whether they're inside the pool (integrated) or outside (as an option), steps will be the best way to offer yourself a moment to unwind. Make the most of the seating area to get comfortable and allow yourself a well-earned break.
      • Balneotherapy: Your steps can be equipped with whirlpool jets (as an option) for an even more comfortable experience.
      • The ideal water temperature: Extend the swimming season with the help of equipment that will enable you to keep your pool water at the perfect temperature. Heat pump, solar cover, pool enclosure: take your pick to suit your wishes and your budget.

      What's the best depth for a leisure pool?

      To enjoy a leisurely swim, the ideal pool depth is 1.20 m.

      • Everywhere in the pool with a flat bottom.
      • In part of the pool with a mini-well, which creates two distinct zones: a shallow end of 1.20 m and a deep end that slopes down to 1.80 m to enable you to dive in complete safety.

      If you would like to treat yourself to your own leisure space, we can assist and advise you with a personalised feasibility study that will enable you to create your own tailor-made pool.