piscina ovalada Olivia con escalera integrada

Timeless and elegant, the oval pool is the star of curvilinear pools. It works whatever your wishes, whether you’re wanting to simply relax, play games with the family or enjoy swimming.

What are the advantages of a steel oval pool?

Choosing a steel oval pool offers you a number of benefits. Firstly, its attractive slender shape will blend well into your garden and give it a modern look. Often compared to a rectangular pool, the oval shape has a number of advantages:

  • Its curved outline facilitates movement around the pool.
  • It provides a longer swimming length than a rectangular pool of the same surface area.
  • Its curved shape enables better water flow, thus facilitating pool maintenance

And there’s a technical advantage, too: it’s easier to assemble. Thanks to our patented kit-pool technology, you can easily install your pool yourself in just a few days. That’ll save you up to 50%!
The modularity of the steel panels means it’s possible to choose from a wide range of sizes, from a mini pool suitable for a small space to a lap pool that’s perfect for serious swimmers.

So that you can create a leisure area to suit you, the width as well as the length of the oval pool can be customized. With a choice of steps, whirlpool jets and heating options, you can create your own personalised pool.

Discover our oval pool designs:

Oval-shaped pool designs


Dimensions : From 3.30m to 22.76m


Dimensions : From 6.43m to 12.01m

How can I personalise a steel oval pool?

At Waterairpool Swimming Pools, you can configure your pool to suit your needs whatever shape of pool you choose. First of all, choose the size of your pool: the use you want to make of your oval pool and the terrain will help you determine the perfect size. Now, you can choose your steps:

  • External steps are placed on the edge your pool and can be positioned where you want them. They will fit in with both your landscape and your desires. Enjoy the comfort of relaxing moments watching the sunset.
  • Internal steps will enable you to retain the clean lines of your oval pool. They will provide discreet access to the pool. Add whirlpool jets (as an optional extra) to create a great place to relax.

Choosing the type of pool bottom is another important factor to consider when designing your pool. Choose between:

  • The classic 1.20m-deep flat bottom: for games and relaxation
  • The mini-well: a flat area of the pool where you’ll be able to touch the bottom plus a deeper area for diving contests.
  • The dished floor: to combine games around the pool edge with diving in the middle.

Looks wise, you can even choose the colour of the water thanks to our different liners. Solid Grey, Azure, Tuscany or Marble Slate: each colour will give your garden a different atmosphere. And for the poolside, you can choose to edge your pool with coping for a clean and elegant finish.

In terms of equipment, we also provide a range of safety, maintenance and comfort solutions that can either be installed when you build your pool or added later.

Our sales consultants are specially trained to answer all your questions and help you personalise your pool. Thanks to a free and personalised feasibility study, you can design your pool to meet all your needs and desires!

Dive in!

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