Unfortunately, the type of bottom and the depth of the pool are secondary concerns when choosing a pool. Yet, these two parameters determine the use that you will obtain from your pool, its comfort, safety and your maintenance budget. Flat or dished bottoms, with a diving well… there are many different pool bottoms available. For your personal use, don’t hesitate to diverge from the average depth of 1.5 m.

Your choice should be based primarily on the needs of the users and the activities that they will enjoy in the pool. So, ask yourself the right questions: is the pool for a family pool with young children? Or is it an individual pool to be used for sports purposes? To help you get a better grasp of the matter, please consider the following elements…

The different types of Waterair Swimming Pools bottoms

The swimming pool market offers a wide choice of bottoms and names, all based on construction standards. Among the most well-known are: flat bottoms, progressively sloping bottoms and composite slope bottoms. The objective: for each user to find their optimum level of comfort… because it’s great to be together!

  • Bottoms adapted for family use (swimming, games, persons of different sizes):
    • 1.20 m flat bottom: an ideal playground for children and a real relaxation area for parents. Perfectly suited for those who do not know how to swim;
    • Dished bottom from 1.20 to 1.80 m: shallow areas around the edges + deeper bung in the centre of the pool. The right choice for people who are afraid of water, children and small people as well as for those who like to dive from the poolside. The easiest bottom for maintenance;
    • Mini-well from 1.20 to 1.80 m: a bathing part with a flat bottom for games and a deeper well for those who dive from the poolside.

Thanks to an optimised volume of water, these three types of bottom offer two advantages: the water heats rapidly and the maintenance budget is reduced.

  • Bottoms that are poorly or less well-adapted for family use:
    • 1.20 to 2.40 m deep-end pools: preferred by those who enjoy diving from a platform or board. However, there is a lot of water to filter, treat and heat, and offer little area for relaxation;
    • 1.50 m flat bottom: persons under 1.70 m have no footing anywhere in the pool. To be avoided if children are to enjoy the pool or if you want to relax in the water after swimming a few lengths.

What is an ideal pool bottom?

Be careful – always keep in mind the difference between the depth of the pool and the height of the water, which is more or less equivalent to 10 cm.

Use – choose the depth that corresponds to your activities and bathing habits: relaxation, games, diving, sports swimming… What suits you best? Are you more for aquabiking or aqua-siestas?
If you want a family pool for bathing and relaxation, it is best to have foot and choose a flat bottom with a reasonable depth or with different levels. Of course, if you are a fan of diving, prefer a deep pool.

Type of user – what generation, age, size and expectations for water and comfort?

Comfort and maintenance – Obviously, the deeper your pool, the cooler your water will be because it will heat less quickly… and the more water and maintenance it will require, especially if you choose a pool with corners! But these criteria are not necessarily off-putting, because today there are a number of solutions to facilitate cleaning and/or heating. It will especially depend on your use and preferences for bathing, temperature, etc.

The budget: depends on the complexity of the installation of the bottom and maintenance Generally speaking, the more complex and the deeper your pool bottom, the higher the construction costs will be. This is all the more true if your garden presents difficulties (e.g., rocks to remove). The deeper your pool, the higher the water and maintenance budget will be. Moreover, if you want to heat your pool, you will have to allow for extra costs. Pool heating is performed via a heat pump or a heating cover like the Waterair® Solae cover, which is a good investment.

The choice of the bottom and depth of your pool is crucial. The use of your pool will depend on its shape and comfort will depend on its depth.

Dive in!

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