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Oval, rectangular or kidney-shaped: there are many different pool shapes. One rather original type is the pool whose angles form an L shape. You may want to choose an L-shaped pool so that it fits well into your garden and gives you a comfortable, multi-zone space beside the pool. Here is a summary of solutions offered by Waterair Pools and the benefits of installing an L-shaped pool in your garden.

Waterair Pools: L-shaped pools – and more besides!

Waterair Pools offers a variety of terrain-adaptable solutions that have the same advantages as L-shaped pools. For example:

The variety of shapes offered by Waterair Pools means that you can get around obstacles, free up space or create a relaxing area around your pool. You will have the freedom to marry the shape of your pool with the lines of your house and thus maximise your enjoyment of your garden.

By choosing the Paso, Welcome, or Orbis steps, you will be able to place them wherever you wish in your pool. For example, you can position them so that you can watch the sunset or to face away from neighbouring gardens.

In order to find the solution that suits your garden and your aspirations, don’t hesitate to request a feasbility study. A sales representative trained in our products at our factory will be able to advise you.

What are the advantages of an L-shaped pool?

An L-shaped pool has the advantage of adapting to your terrain: it can get around an obstacle, border a patio (existing or yet to be built) and adapt to the lines of your house.

The L-shaped pool is one type of multi-zone pool, which will reduce the likelihood of you getting splashed while you’re relaxing by the pool without compromising on pool length for swimming. A perfect solution for the whole family!

Finally, it is a solution for maximising the pool area. With such a configuration, you will be able to set up chairs, garden furniture or a barbecue while remaining close to the steps or surrounded by water on two sides.

If you would like to find out more about customised Waterair Pools that will offer you the benefits of an L-shaped pool, request your free catalogue!


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