construire une piscine intérieure pour profiter tout au long de l’année des bienfaits de l’eau

A indoor pool has several advantages:

  • year-round swimming regardless of the weather
  • exploiting a veranda, refurbishing an unused room or building (e.g. an old barn or garage) 
  • adding value to your property

But is it possible to install a Waterair Pool indoors? What precautions do you need to take?

Building an indoor pool with Waterair Pools

Waterair Pools have significant advantages if you want to install an indoor pool in your house or an annex.

Waterair Pools offers custom-designed pools. You can choose your steps, filtration system, heating system, etc. – there are 200,000 permutations! Browse through our free catalogue.

Our pools are easy and quick to install, especially in the case of an indoor pool. Our pools are made from corrugated-steel panels and are delivered as a kit, unlike fibreglass pools (which are delivered in one piece). This means that the panels of your Waterair pool can be brought into your room or building easily, without extra work or particular difficulty.

In addition to being supplied with a 20-year warranty on the structure and 12-year warranty on the liner,* our pools are very robust. A test carried out by Veritas reported that Waterair Pools have a stability level superior to that of a 45cm-thick concrete wall. The same study also revealed that the corrugated-steel panels are able to withstand more than four times the maximum pressure exerted on a pool!

Our pools also represent excellent value for money. You can save on labour (not on quality) by deciding to build your own pool, following the steps outlined in the Waterair Pool Assembly Guide. Of course, we remain at your service and can offer you assistance for certain stages (e.g. laying the liner). 

We can offer you various support options to suit your needs.

Before starting work, you will need to install a dehumidifier to eliminate humidity and condensation. This sort of equipment is quite easy to find and, depending on the model, is fairly straightforward to set up in your room or building. The process of installing the pool does not differ much from that for an outdoor pool: simply follow the Waterair Pool installation guide. 

To enjoy your indoor pool all year round, you will need to install a heating system: with an indoor pool, depending on where you position it, you won’t be able to benefit from summer heat – but then neither will you suffer from the winter cold. Waterair Pools offers a range of heat pumps adapted to your individual needs.

Don’t hesitate to request a free and complete feasibility study. A Waterair Pool representative will study the features of your pool area with you.

* According to our warranty terms

Why install an indoor pool?

A indoor pool has several advantages for home owners who opt for this type of installation.

Firstly, installing an indoor pool means that you can enjoy the pool all year round, regardless of the weather: summer and winter, morning and evening, nothing will prevent you from enjoying the water.

Secondly, an indoor pool is a nice way to refurbish an unused ground-floor room or veranda while improving your home and increasing its value (by up to 20 percent).* 

Finally, installing an indoor pool enables you give to character to an unused veranda or a building. 

If you are keen on sports, you can create a real gym. The health benefits of water are well known. Add fitness or bodybuilding equipment to your pool room and you will be able to take care of your body without leaving home.
If well-being is more your thing, why not include a spa, hammam or sauna in the same room as your pool? You will then have a space dedicated to relaxation and the elimination of toxins.
Finally, if you like to entertain, you can furnish your pool room to create a welcoming, friendly space. Add sun loungers, garden furniture, a plancha grill or even a barbecue and you will be able to welcome your guests into a warm place where they can enjoy the pool without heeding the weather.

So don’t delay; request the catalogue of the year now to discover the Waterair Pools range and choose the pool of your dreams!

* FPP study 


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