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Rectangular swimming pools are elegant, timeless, and blend seamlessly into most outdoor spaces thanks to their modern lines. This swimming pool shape has gradually become the standard over the decades. Unlike curved models, that can easily circumvent an obstacle, the rectangular pool truly structures your outdoor space. The landscaping must therefore be designed around the pool.

What are the advantages of a rectangular swimming pool ?

The rectangular swimming pool is firstly distinguished by its classic, tasteful character. But it has many other advantages:

  • Space. Rectangular pools are more spacious than other shapes and give you room to cool off as well as play around.
  • An ideal shape for keen swimmers. This is the preferred pool shape for serious swimmers.
  • Easy to accessorise. The simple shape makes it easy to find protective accessories, such as secure covers, and suitable decoration.
  • Suitable for all gardens. The classic lines mean it fits easily into any outdoor space.

The advantages of a rectangular pool far outweigh the drawbacks. Nevertheless, we should mention that although the classic shape has helped it gain its reputation, it won’t be suitable for those looking for originality.

Rectangular swimming pools: what types of construction ?

There are several types of rectangular swimming pool construction. For example:

  • the shell rectangular swimming pool;
  • the concrete rectangular swimming pool;
  • the steel rectangular swimming pool;

Each process is different. At Waterair Swimming Pools, the frame of our swimming pools is made of corrugated steel panels. This structure is guaranteed for 20 years* and makes it easy to install a Waterair swimming pool, even on the most difficult of terrains . The advantage of this technique is that it enables true personalisation of the pool.

*In accordance with our general terms and conditions.

How to personalise a rectangular pool ?

The personalisation of a rectangular swimming pool involves fitting steps.

Integrated steps

Rectangular swimming pool fans prefer integrated (or entry) steps. This type of swimming pool steps allow you to keep a perfectly rectangular shape for your pool, but it doesn’t mean you can put them wherever you want to. Forget the setting sun or the view of the terrace when you’re sitting on the steps: the location of the steps is fixed and can’t be changed.

Exit steps

As for exit steps, they can be positioned in different places in the swimming pool. You can enjoy a drink along with the view you’ve chosen! However,<strong> your pool will no longer be perfectly rectangular, since the steps protrude from the rectangle</strong>. It is therefore an aesthetic and practical choice that you have to make.

Other ways to personalise your pool

In most cases, as well as choosing the steps, you can decide on several other personalisation options for your rectangular pool:

  • Length / width : The size can be adapted to your wishes and needs, depending on whether you’re more of a swimming lane or wider pool person.
  • Liner colour : Grey, marble, slate or Tuscan?
  • Lighting : With or without spotlights?
  • Heating system : Heat pump, cover or enclosure?

There are other personalisation options you can choose to make your swimming pool unique and in line with your own taste.

Our sales consultants are specially trained to answer all your questions and help you personalise your pool. With a free personalised feasibility study, you can design your pool to meet all your needs and wishes!

Slender shapes, the alternative to rectangular pools

At Waterair Pools, we recommend oval swimming pools as an alternative to the rectangular pool . For an equivalent area, the oval shape offers a greater swimming length. In addition, the footprint of the oval on the land makes it easier to move around the outside of the swimming pool. Unlike a rectangular pool, you avoid having to get around the corners.

For an area equivalent to 20 m²:

  • Olivia – Oval pool: 7.30 m by 2.96 m.
  • Sara – Rectangular pool: 6.43 m by 3.18 m.

The oval shape of our pools offers a softer angle while keeping a very contemporary style. In addition, the curve facilitates maintenance, because the water and cleaning robots can move around better.

The different swimming pool shapes


All you have to do is decide which steps you want: entry steps, that is to say following the shape of your swimming pool, or exit steps, positioned in the place that suits you best. Have you designed the pool of your dreams? Let’s create it together!

Contact our advisers, and we’ll carry out a free and non-binding layout study at your home.

Dive in!

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