Choisir une piscine rectangulaire

The rectangular pool is a timeless pool shape. Popular for decades, the rectangular pool has certainly found its admirers. The classic lines of the rectangular pool make it an undeniably appealing design for a garden pool.

It can also be fitted with either integrated or exterior steps, depending on your needs.

But is it really practical? While other pool shapes can be tailored to fit perfectly into your terrain, the rectangular pool is a shape that structures the space. The terrain has to adapt to fit the rectangle rather than the other way around.

Rectangular swimming pool: choosing the type of construction

Before you go ahead and invest in a rectangular pool, you need to be aware that there are different types of construction:

  • Rectangular fibreglass-shell pool
  • Rectangular concrete pool
  • Rectangular steel pool

Each process is different. At Waterair Swimming Pools, the framework of our pools consists of corrugated steel panels. This structure carries a 20-year warranty* and makes it easy to install a Waterair pool, even on the most difficult of terrains. The advantage of this technique is that it allows you to customise your pool.

*In accordance with our warranty terms and conditions

Customising your rectangular pool

The main way in which you can customise your rectangular pool is by adding steps.

Fans of rectangular pools are likely to choose integrated steps because they preserve the rectangular shape, despite being less multizone. Although they preserve the pool’s clean lines, however, integrated steps can’t be placed wherever you want them. You can say goodbye to enjoying the sunset or the view of the terrace from the steps: once the’re positioned, you can’t move them!

Exterior steps, however, do offer this possibility, which means you’ll be able to have a leisurely poolside drink while enjoying your chosen view!

Each option has its benefits, but make sure you consider the practical aspects of your steps before choosing them!

Escalier de piscine rectangulaire

In most cases, in addition to choosing the type of steps that suit you, you’ll also be able to make your choice from several other customisable criteria:

  • Length / Width: Are you looking for a lap pool or would you prefer a wider one?
  • Liner: Solid grey, marble slate or Tuscany?
  • Lighting: With or without spotlights?
  • Heating: Heat pump, cover or shelter?

And many others …

Our sales representatives are specially trained to help you choose and customise your pool and answer all your questions. Thanks to a personalised study, your project can be designed to satisfy your needs and desires!

Slender shapes: an alternative to a rectangular pool

At Waterair Swimming Pools, our alternative to the rectangular pool is the oval shape, which provides a longer swimming length for an equivalent surface area.

In addition, the space it takes up on the terrain facilitates movement around the pool, as you don’t have to negotiate corners.

For an area equivalent to 20m²:

  • Olivia – Oval pool: 7,30 m x 2,96 m ;
  • Sara – Rectangular pool: 6,43 m x 3,18 m.

The oval shape of our pools softens the angles while remaining very contemporary.

Les différentes formes de piscines

All that remains is for you to decide on your choice of steps: integrated – in other words positioned at the end of the pool – or exterior, which you can position to suit you.

You’ve imagined the pool of your dreams, now let’s create it together!

Dive in!

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