The pool renovation services are aimed at Waterair Pool customers wishing to give a new lease of life to their pool after years of use:

  • Install steps for more comfort
  • Change old edging for a more up-to-date look
  • Replace your liner and make the most of the opportunity to give your pool a more trendy colour
  • Add a heating system
  • Add some depth to a flat-bottomed pool to give yourself a diving area
  • Install floodlighting so you can swim in the evening
  • Added Isoplan for better insulation of the pool and to gain a few precious degrees of heat


The renovation of a pool can take different forms

Whatever your project, our 130 sales representatives and technicians will help you bring your pool up to date and improve its level of comfort so that bathing is even more enjoyable.

Would you like assistance in renovating your Waterair pool?

Our local partner will contact you as soon as possible to confirm your availability. He or she will be able to provide you with lots of useful tips for giving your pool a new lease of life.