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One of the most high-end swimming pools on the market, the so-called ‘mirror’ pool is an exceptional pool of a kind we have all admired.

What is a mirror pool?

The mirror-effect pool is a variant of the overflowing, or infinity, pool. But rather than overflowing on a single side, cascading into a lower, second pool, the water in a mirror pool flows equally over each of its edges. This is made possible by a channel system placed all around the pool. The waterline is thus raised to the same level as the surrounding decking to create the effect of a smooth surface that reflects the sky like a mirror.

The mirror pool: a luxury pool

The visual effect created by this technology is amazing. Some talk of a lake at the heart of their garden, others will tell you that you it feels like you’re walking on water, as though it were a sheet of glass. The mirror pool merges with the whole landscape.
It is the look of the mirror-effect pool that is so appealing. Elegant and contemporary, it can be found on the terraces of splendid villas and five-star hotels. It is a true symbol of luxury.

Are there any downsides to the mirror pool?

Although it may seem like the dream pool, the mirror pool, however beautiful, does have some drawbacks. The first is its cost: building a mirror pool requires a significant investment. The cost of installing this type of pool is on average 20–30% higher than the price of a so-called ‘classic’ pool. The cost of a mirror pool starts at around 30,000€.
The construction of a mirror pool, a complex task, will require the intervention of a professional for the entire project.
On a practical front, it will also be more difficult to maintain the water temperature due to its permanent flow. To cover it, the best solution is an enclosure or a submerged cover.

Waterair swimming pools: the accessible dream

Although ‘mirror’ pools are so appealing, very few are built because of their high cost. At Waterair Swimming Pools, we favour quality installations at a fair price to ensure that everyone can have the pool of their dreams. We therefore do not offer mirror pools.
The fact is that the pool installations of many of our clients have won awards over the past 10 years:

To choose a Waterair pool is to have a designer pool at an affordable price. With our 90 pool models and wide range of equipment, you can create the pool to suit you.
Thanks to our exclusive and patented technology, you can easily install your pool yourself if just a few days. This means you can save up to 50% on the cost of your project. Savings you could use to enhance your poolside area.
We have more than 200,000 ideas to offer you. Our specially trained consultants are at your service to help you realise your project with a free and personalised feasibility study.

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