The kit pool combines ease of installation, comfort and low maintenance. Practical, with a designer look, it offers you the possibility of modulating and personalising your swimming pool according to your wishes. Find out more about kit pools and the support offered by Waterair Swimming Pools.

What is a kit swimming pool ?

Solid and aesthetically-pleasing, a kit swimming pool is an alternative to the in-ground concrete pool or the pre-formed pool.

A kit pool is composed of several parts, allowing anyone to easily assemble it. It is also possible to get help from a professional with one or more stages of the installation. Finally, a turn key option is also available, where the assembly is entrusted to professionals in its entirety.

All Waterair kit pools benefit from patented technology and a 20-year warranty on the structure, ensuring longevity and mechanical resistance. Indeed, the steel panel making up the framework can withstand more than four times the maximum pressure exerted on the structure of your swimming pool, which corresponds to the equivalent of a 40 cm concrete wall.

So, you are guaranteed to benefit from a robust installation over time.

Discover Waterair Swimming Pools’ range of kit pools

Waterair Swimming Pools offers a wide selection of kit pools. Whatever the space available in your garden, you will inevitably find the swimming pool that will correspond to your needs, without having to worry about any constraints on your land.

Is your garden small? Don’t worry: a kit swimming pool project is still possible! Our range of mini pools is made for you. These minimal-sized kit pools come in different shapes to suit any garden. From the round Lola swimming pool to the small Emilie rectangular swimming pool, you are bound to find the version that suits you.

Is your garden narrow? Waterair Swimming Pools has thought of this type of configuration. Slim pools with a reduced width can be accommodated without any reduction to your enjoyment of swimming. Aesthetic and practical, the Mila or Nina kit swimming pools will find a place in your garden!

If, on the contrary, your garden is large enough, you can opt for a large-format swimming pool without a huge investment. Rectangular, bean-shaped or elongated, Waterair kit swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes. You are bound to find one to meet your needs, in an affordable price range, with easy assembly by the whole family.

If you like swimming, our range of kit pools also includes pools with several swimming lanes to practice swimming at home, in complete relaxation.

Finally, all Waterair Swimming Pools include customisable elements, such as the colour of the liner, the depth and the stairs. You are thus free to create the swimming pool that suits you best!

Installing your kit pool yourself: what are the advantages ?

One of the main advantages of assembling your swimming pool as a kit yourself is the saving on labour. Thus, your swimming pool will cost you less and the savings made will allow you to upgrade it for more comfort.

Another advantage of the kit swimming pool: being able to control timings. You can choose yourself when to go ahead with the construction and at what pace. Are you in a hurry to get your project finished? Invite a few friends over and join forces to build your pool together! You are no longer dependent on a professional to make your swimming pool dreams come true. If you do it in April or even June, Waterair Swimming Pool kits make your swimming project possible for the summer.

Finally, building your swimming pool as a kit is an important project in which you can take great pride. So, when you have family or friends over, you can tell everyone that you built the pool yourself! They will no doubt be impressed with your work.

Building your swimming pool in kit form is easy with Waterair

​Assembling a swimming pool as a kit with the support of Waterair Swimming Pools is a simple project that is accessible to everyone.

Assembling your swimming pool in kit form involves seven steps:

  1. Earthwork, preparing the ground to accommodate the framework and to determine the shape of the bottom of your pool.
  2. Assembling the various corrugated steel panels that make up your kit swimming pool. Numbered, pre-drilled and coded, these panels are easily assembled using a double bolting system.
  3. Laying the screed, to stabilise and level the bottom of your pool.
  4. Sealing of certain parts on the structure, so that your swimming pool is perfectly watertight.
  5. Backfilling, with sand, to keep your pool stable.
  6. Installing the liner, for which you can call on a Waterair Swimming Pools professional for help.
  7. Finishing, such as the installation of coping stones or the construction of a deck around your swimming pool.

Thanks to a personalised assembly guide and the many tutorials available, you will benefit from instructions adapted to the kit pool model you have chosen. Detailed step by step, assembly is quick and easy. However, if you are in any doubt, you can always request assistance with the various construction stages.


Waterair Swimming Pools, a preferred partner for your project

Waterair Swimming Pools will support you throughout your project. For more than 50 years , we have been advising and offering solutions to suit our customers, in particular via:

  • the assistance offered according to the assembly formula you choose;
  • a personalised technical manual for your swimming pool as well as a dedicated application to guide you with the assembly;
  • a telephone service available to you 6 days a week;
  • an online customer area available 24/7 – on this interface, you will find practical and personalised advice for the assembly, maintenance and any necessary repairs to your swimming pool;
  • personalised diagnosis, support and help in case of doubt.

Our skills and our expertise mean that we can support you in the best way and provide help throughout your project.

Dive in!

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