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You’ve made the decision to install a swimming pool in your garden. The one you dream of may be traditional, that is to say in breeze block or concrete, for example. It may also be standard, which means rectangular, generally 8 by 4 m.

However, the construction of a swimming pool is a big decision, so you should take into account all the options available to you. Waterair Swimming Pools proposes tailor-made personalised swimming pools for the price of traditional standard swimming pools.

Waterair swimming pools: 90 designs and 200,000 variations

When you think of a traditional swimming pool, you think of a rectangular shaped pool. However, this shape can sometimes be complicated to install on piece of land. This is why there are many shapes, suitable for all tastes and all land types. The free-form pool makes it possible to adapt to the shape or constraints of the land (around a tree for example), while the installation of a rectangular pool can sometimes be more complex.

Waterair Swimming Pools offer 90 pool designs and 200,000 variations. You will be able to choose between several shapes of swimming pools: the rectangle pool of course, the oval pool, the bean-shaped pool and the free-form pool which, thanks to our patented technology, allows us to adapt to all garden configurations.

We also offer swimming pool stairs of various shapes, at the fairest prices. You could have 3 or 4 steps, you could have a whirlpool seating area; it will be easy to choose the one that meets your needs and pleases the whole family from among our options.

Waterair panels: faster and more reliable technology than the traditional swimming pool

One of the advantages of a Waterair swimming pool is its speed and ease of installation. For a traditional swimming pool built using the breeze block method, the quality and length of the work are dependent on the weather, the availability and the skills of the teams.

Waterair Swimming Pools is a leader in kit swimming pools: our pool framework is made up of corrugated steel panels. Our patented technology allows simple and quick installation and does not require special transport, as does the pre-formed swimming pool. So you can enjoy your pool faster!

The other significant advantage is the reliability of our French manufacturing technology. The corrugated steel frame of Waterair Pools has 4 layers of protection which guarantee the longevity of our pools. This means that you get a 20-year guarantee on the swimming pool structure.* In addition, ISO 9001 certification also guarantees our customers’ satisfaction.

According to a study carried out by VERITAS, Waterair’s panels can withstand more than four times the maximum pressure exerted on your pool’s structure. It also indicated greater stability than a concrete wall up to 40 cm thick.

In short, a Waterair pool is a very robust pool that you can build at your own pace!

*According to our warranty terms and conditions.

Looking for more than a standard traditional pool?

The choice of construction technique

As mentioned above, the traditional construction of a swimming pool is a restrictive technique: you need to take into account drying time in the case of a concrete pool, and are constrained by the unpredictability of the weather. Also, the pool’s shell is not very customisable and may present difficulties during delivery. Finally, the pool’s solidity depends on the quality of the construction site and also on the quality of the elements used.

However, there are other construction methods that are faster and more reliable, such as Waterair panels.

A Waterair kit swimming pool will save you money. Our patented technology allows the customer to build their own pool, with an option of engaging help from a professional if needed. This saves labour while guaranteeing the quality and solidity of your pool. In short, you get a more economical or better equipped pool for the same price!

Le choix de la taille de votre piscine

Before being able to take full advantage of your standard traditional pool, plan your project and think about the dimensions you want. A wide choice of standard pool sizes is available to you:

  • 6 x 3 m: i.e. an area of 18 m²;
  • 7 x 3 m: i.e. an area of 21 m²;
  • 8 x 4 m: i.e. an area of 32 m²;
  • 9 x 4 m: i.e. an area of 36 m²;
  • 10 x 4 m: i.e. an area of 36 m².

Waterair Pools offers you more optimised measurements than the standard dimensions on the market. But you can easily find equivalents, for example:

Need help deciding which pool size is right for you? Request a free implementation study.

Choose your shape for easy maintenance

A standard pool has right angles. Be aware, however, that the slightly rounded corners found on Waterair Swimming Pools allow perfect circulation of the water. Water circulates smoothly inside the pool and thus limits the deposit of impurities in the corners. In addition, filtration is optimised therefore facilitating maintenance. This means that you can swim for longer and enjoy a more pleasant experience.

A choice of background depending on your use

Finally, a standard swimming pool is not multi-zone: its bottom is flat, which does not allow diving, for example. Waterair Swimming Pools offer you 3 different bottom profiles which will allow you to increase the use of your pool and to make it enjoyable for all the family:

  • the classic 1.20m-deep flat profile: for playing games and relaxation
  • the deep-end profile, for diving on one end of the pool;
  • the curved profile, to combine games around the pool edge with diving in the middle.

If you want to know more about Waterair swimming pools, request a free catalogue to find out more about the customisation options.

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