la piscine de ville s’intègre parfaitement sur un terrain de maison de ville

Pool are becoming more accessible – and you don’t need to have a large garden to build one. An area of 50m² (540ft²) is all the space you need to create a garden design that will enable you to enjoy a pool at home. In addition to adding comfort and aesthetic appeal to your home, it will generate capital gain on your property. It’s no longer necessary to own a large house in the country to have the pool of your dreams. Today, pools are booming in the city, and they blend well into the urban landscape.

Focus on the urban pool!

Waterair Pools: Urban pools

At Waterair Pools, we have adapted our pool designs to meet space constraints. Several sizes are available to enable everyone to have a pool that fits their plot of land. From the small pool (10–20m²/107–215ft²) to the mini pool (up to 10m²/107ft²), they are designed to blend into the urban landscape.

The structure of Waterair pools is made of corrugated-steel panels. They are easily transportable, even in the narrowest streets! In urban areas, delivering a pool can prove problematic; gaining access to the site is often a complex business. Our panels can be transported from one end of the house to the other, so there are few constraints on that score.

In addition, our pools are custom designed. You can decide whether or not to add steps. The advantage of a custom-designed pool is that the steps can be added wherever you want them. In some cases, this will be space-saving choice; in others, an aesthetic one!

Instalar una piscina en una ciudad

Rules to follow when building a pool in an urban area in France

There are a few things that are important to know before you start installing a pool in a built-up area.

  • Pools under 10m² (107ft²): You don’t need to make a ‘déclaration préalable de travaux’ (a simplified form of planning permission for small building projects in France).
  • Pools larger than 10m² (107ft²): The ‘déclaration préalable de travaux’ is obligatory.

It is true that there are regulatory constraints that you need to be aware of before installing a pool in an urban area. However, there are solutions to consider, and our associates are available to help you with this type of procedure.

For more information, don’t hesitate to ask for a free and personalised feasibility study to be undertaken at your home.


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