Your garden is like another living room, and you’ll naturally want it to suit your style. You can choose the colour of your pool to blend well with your outdoor space.

What colour will you choose for your pool surround and liner?

The colour of your pool will be influenced primarily by your choice of liner. The colour of the liner will dictate the colour of the water. Beige or sandy colours will create a ‘lagoon’ effect with turquoise water reflections. A grey liner will give your pool a more contemporary and understated look, and the water will appear blue. For a lovely mirror effect, opt for a darker liner – dark grey or even black.

We offer a range of liner colours to choose from. Here are some tips to help you choose the right colour liner:

  • For increased pool safety, choose a colour that enables you to see the pool bottom. Avoid colours that are too dark (black, navy blue, etc.)
  • To gain a few degrees of heat, choose a dark colour liner that will attract infrared rays.

Your pool liner: matching your water colour to your desires

The structure of your Waterair Swimming Pool is coated with a 0.75mm-thick PVC liner. This pool liner ensures that your pool remains completely watertight. As with any coating, you can choose the colour of your liner. We have selected the four most on-trend colours for you to choose from:

Pool liner colour Colours / Effects
Tuscany liner For turquoise water and reflections inspired by the Caribbean.
Azure liner Clear and slightly blue, providing intense reflections and good visibility of the pool bottom.
Solid Grey liner A contemporary colour that gives your pool a sophisticated and understated look.
Marble Slate liner Intense depth and a mirror effect to enhance your pool


To fully customise your pool, you can also choose the colour of your steps. You can either choose a matching shade or play with contrasting colours. At Waterair Swimming Pools, we offer steps in different colours:

Steps Colour Options available
Orbis steps Mottled white No options available
Paso steps Grey granite
Beige granite
1 directional whirlpool jet
6 LED Escalight® spotlights
Welcome steps Grey granite
Beige granite
12 directional whirlpool jets
6 LED Escalight® spotlights
Inside steps Grey granite
Beige granite
1 directional whirlpool jet
63 LED Escalight® spotlights
Enjoy pool steps Grey granite
Beige granite
12 directional whirlpool jets
6 LED Escalight® spotlights
Pacio steps Grey granite
Beige granite
3 directional whirlpool jets
6 LED Escalight® spotlights
1 optional headrest
1 secure handrail


Focus on your pool lighting


Like inside your home, different lighting can vary the ambiance of your garden. A range of suitable lighting options exist, both for your poolside area and underwater use:

  • LED coloured spotlights will enable you to change the colour of the water for your poolside parties. Red, green or blue: you can change your pool lighting to suit your mood.
  • Escalight®: light your pool steps to enhance your evenings beside or in the pool.
  • Floating lights: Equipped with LED bulbs, these lights can be used in or around the pool. By varying their colour, you can switch from peaceful to party mode.

Designing the pool layout

Having chosen the colour of your various pool elements (liner, steps, lighting, etc.), you can now think about the design of your pool surrounds, in line with the style you’ve chosen for your pool area. Here, too, you can play with colour: of your coping, the materials used for your poolside area, planting, etc. A whole range of possibilities is open to you!

Choosing coping

For a perfect finish, edge your pool with coping. At Waterair Swimming Pools, we manufacture and sell our own coping. Stone coping is made with real, reconstituted stone. Off-white in colour, it suits all types of pool surround, whether stone or decking, and blends with all tones.

As with the liner, we recommend that you choose pale-coloured coping, especially in sunny regions. Dark-coloured coping will tend to overheat and you risk burning your feet on it.


Choose your pool surround to give structure to your leisure area

The design of your poolside area will determine both the look and the comfort of the space. You can adapt it to suit the colour of your pool, your house and the mood you want to create. Feel free to give full rein to your creativity!

Wooden deck

Wooden decking will give your poolside a natural look. Pale colours will give it a Scandinavian feel, while darker tones will look more exotic.

Natural stone

Natural stone is another popular choice for poolside areas. Stone looks stylish whatever its colour.


Some people opt for a lawn poolside. You can use either natural or synthetic turf around all or just part of your pool, depending on the effect you want to create.


For a rawer, more industrial feel, you could surround your pool with concrete. Combine it with a grey pool liner and some colourful decorative objects for a modern patio with pool.

Dive in!

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