Welcome pool steps

Width: 2.60 m

Discover our classic yet modern Welcome Steps. These external steps are elegant and spacious, adding ease of access and style to your pool. They can be placed at several locations to best suit your site and preferences.

The Welcome Steps feature two wide seats on the sides. This area offers a genuinely relaxing haven in the water. Its four generous steps located in the centre are wide enough to enable you to easily enter the water. Welcome: steps that are conducive to relaxing and socialising!

For even more pampering, you can add two Balnéo jets (optional extra) on either side of the seats, with two massage settings:

  • 1 rotating jet for an overall massage
  • 1 adjustable jet for a more direct massage


To enjoy your Welcome Steps day and night, they can also come with Escalights. These LED spotlights create a pleasant lighting effect that invites you to take a midnight dip.

Welcome Steps are available in two colours: granite grey and granite beige to best match your liner.

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