Piano pool steps

This pool staircase is offered as an option on the Nina, Mila and Lya swimming pools. It’s practical and adapts to the depth of your pool, with two or three steps that complete the submerged bench seat of your Slim pool. With this staircase, you can more easily enter the water and put on your pool cover. Finally, it is elegant with its sleek contour, porcelain stoneware cladding and minimalist design. 

Piano Pool Staircase features

The Piano pool staircase is covered with resistant, non-slip porcelain stoneware slabs, which are identical to the bench seat integrated into the Slim pools creating the most harmonious result

Size : 60 x 30 cm

The added benefit :

Waterair Pools provides grey porcelain stoneware slabs to install on your Piano staircase, but you can also customise it by buying slabs of your preferred colour and equivalent quality from a professional ceramist.

There are two versions of the Piano pool staircase :

Depending on the type of floor you have chosen for your pool, you can select the Piano staircase : 

  • two steps, for flat bottoms that are 1.20 m high;
  • three steps, for flat bottoms that are 1.40 m high.

How does one install the Piano pool staircase?

When installing the pool staircase for the Nina and Mila models, you can choose whether the staircase should be installed on the right or left hand side of the pool. With the Lya model, the staircase is installed on the longest side of the pool. 

Effective and practical swimming pool steps

Why the name Piano? Their name was chosen in reference to the shape of this swimming pool staircase. Each step is independent and perfectly parallel to the others, which is reminiscent of the keys of a piano keyboard. The airy aesthetic of these steps brings a designer touch to your pool. The Piano swimming pool staircase is also marked out by its practicality. More practical than a ladder for getting into the water, it also makes it easier to cover the pool.

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