Vernetzter Pool-Assistent

The easy·care app by Waterair

This mobile app works like a control unit for your pool. It will provide you with vital water parameters using data supplied by your smart monitor. It will also enable you to control various equipment thanks to the easy·care range of smart devices by Waterair. It’s a really progressive personal assistant.

  • Sending notifications in the event of an alert on one of the monitored parameters
  • Consultation of the vital parameters of your pool (pH, chlorine, temperature) at any time, remotely and on several smartphones at once.
  • Prescription of corrective procedures: the app indicates actions to be taken as well as the products and exact quantities to be used to correct the water parameters.
  • Order taking: the app enables you to order treatment products in just a few clicks.
  • Management of filtration settings: the app enables you to vary the filtration of your pool automatically, depending on the water temperature, or manually, by scheduling specific times.
  • Operation of auxiliary devices: turn on your Escalight® LED spots and/or other pool lighting from your smartphone.

Equipment required: smartphone with IOS or ANDROID
Free app, available on the App Store or the Google Play Store.

To get equipped, contact your Waterair dealer.

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