According to the latest study by the Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine (FPP), the average size of a swimming pool is 33m². A pool with a surface area of around 40m² and that is more than 10m in length can be considered a large pool. The large pool of today is barely more than half the size of a typical large pool in the 1980s, which had a surface area of around 70m².

Why build a large pool? For swimming, of course! There’s nothing like a lap pool for building up your lengths! But a large pool is also necessary in cases where it will belong to several dwellings or is intended to be shared (as with a gîte, hotel, campsite or guesthouse pool, for example).

The Waterair Pools range

Waterair Pool technology enables us to build lap pools, large pools and communal pools. Several sizes are possible, depending on your needs.


Large pool sizes:

  • Olivia pool, measuring 20.90 x 10.65 metres (equivalent to 198m²)
  • Sara pool, measuring 11.08 x 5.04 metres (55m²)
  • Elsa pool, measuring 10.51 x 4.15 metres (39.5m²)
  • Barbara pool, measuring 14.75 x 6.36 metres (91m²)

Lap pool sizes:

  • Olivia pool, measuring 11.95 x 3.57 metres (40m²)
  • Sara pool, measuring 9.22 x 3.18 metres (25.5m²)
  • Elsa pool, measuring 12.01 x 3.57 metres (40m²)

Lengths and widths can be varied according to individual customer wishes, for example to create a slightly wider pool that will allow more space for playing water games as a family. Lap pools, where the width is considerably reduced in favour of a length of more than 10m, enable you to enjoy swimming to the full. A large pool is more achievable than ever thanks to our structure made of corrugated steel panels.

What are the characteristics of a large pool?

In addition to the surface area of the pool, you also need to consider its depth.

A large pool does not necessarily have to be deep. The depth needs be appropriate for the use you are going to make of it. And it is quite possible to swim in a depth of 1.2m. What is important is that the pool user feels at ease. This is rarely the case where the pool is too deep for you to be able to touch the bottom.

Reducing the depth of the pool also enables you to reduce maintenance and the cost of heating it. A large pool will be more difficult to cover and heat.

In summary, a large pool is good:

  • for large gardens
  • for sports use
  • to add to the enjoyment of guests staying in guesthouses / hotels / campsites.

But you will need to think about:

  • maintenance
  • heating
  • covering it.


Dive in!

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