Piscine pour terrain en pente

It is quite possible to build a pool on a sloping or terraced terrain.
In fact, with the appropriate technology and the help of a good pool construction company, you can have the pool of your dreams. Waterair Pools is one such professional company.

Sloping or terraced terrains: Waterair Pools has the relevant technology

Our pools are made from corrugated-steel panels that carry a 20-year warranty. They have proved their worth for more than 50 years and have delighted more than 125 000 families in 29 countries. The structure of the Waterair pool is self supporting, which allows for totally in-ground, partially in-ground or wholly above-ground installation. This makes it perfectly adapted to slopes or terraces.
Plus, you won’t need a supporting wall. This will save you money, which means you could allow yourself an additional option: we offer 200,000 permutations for building your custom-designed pool.

The pool’s panel structure is another asset. The constituent parts of your pool can be easily delivered to an elevated or steeply sloping site, contrary to a fibreglass pool.

To discover all our pool models, request our free catalogue!

What are the solutions for building a pool on a sloping site?

There are many ways to create earth-retaining structures when building a pool on a sloping site:

  • Rock-filling the terrain: this solution consists of creating a bank or wall of large or small rocks to retain the soil of your sloping terrain. This construction method will give your pool a natural look.
  • Retaining wall: a brick or concrete-block wall is built on the slope around the pool to retain the soil around your pool. The advantage with this solution is that you can choose the materials and colours of the wall to integrate it perfectly with the space.
  • Gabions: these cage-like metal structures filled with stones, pieces of glass or wood will enable you to shore up the sloping terrain around your pond in a watertight and safe way.
  • Wooden deck: often seen around an in-ground pool, this solution is economical and can create a contemporary pool area in your garden.
  • Railway-sleeper walls: if you are a recycling enthusiast, this solution will enable you to install your pool on a sloping site in a very economical way.
  • Etc.

If you would like advice on the various options for creating your pool on a sloping or terraced terrain, you can request a free, complete and personalised feasibility study. Your factory-trained consultant will offer you the best solutions to enable you to enjoy the pleasure of your own pool!


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