To meet your needs and guarantee your day-to-day satisfaction, we have created four equipment packages to help you maintain your pool and improve its energy performance. These all-inclusive packages are designed to fully meet your expectations and your pool’s requirements.

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1/ Which of the following statements is most true of you?

I like products that have a low impact on the environment I am mindful of the price of a product I am mindful of the running cost of a product I value home automation / being able to remotely control my home equipment I like to buy the best technology available

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2/ How would you rate your level of knowledge about swimming pools?

Beginner Intermediate Expert

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3/ What are your main requirements regarding your swimming pool?

Personalisation (shape, size, uses) Ease of maintenance The lowest possible running costs

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4/ Which of the following do you consider most important?

A quality swimming pool at the best price The kit-assembly formula, to save money on the purchase of the pool Easy-to-use equipment, to facilitate pool maintenance Des équipements basse consommation

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Discover the equipment package

Waterair ESSENTIAL : your sustainable swimming pool at a fair price

This is your custom-made Waterair pool, quick and easy to install yourself. Enjoy a 20-year warranty and a system that has been tried and tested for 50 years. By choosing to assemble your pool yourself, you will save significantly on labour costs. You will benefit from a swimming pool that is 30–50 percent less expensive.

Discover the Waterair ESSENTIAL package

Waterair ECO.PILOT : your easy-to-maintain smart pool

To facilitate the maintenance of your pool, Waterair ECO.PILOT combines the Waterair ESSENTIAL package with the easy·care range. Your customised wizard supports you in real time with personalised notifications and advice and simplifies the treatment of your pool, enabling you to take appropriate action at the right time. It guarantees optimum efficiency for your pool by automating filtration duration in summer and winter. This will save you money on cleaning products.

Discover the Waterair ECO.PILOT package

Waterair ECO.WAT : your economical and eco-friendly pool.

The Waterair ECO.WAT package combines Waterair ESSENTIAL with energy efficiency, ensuring low running costs and a return on your investment in less than five years Our new technologies ensure lower energy consumption and noise reduction for undisturbed bathing pleasure.

Discover the Waterair ECO.WAT package

Waterair TOP : a sustainable pool that’s economical to use and easy to maintain

With Waterair TOP, you combine easy pool maintenance, energy performance and a rapid return on your investment . With your Waterair Swimming Pool kit, you can add the easy·care environment to a low-consumption and ultra-silent filtration system. Choose an all-inclusive package, created to make your life easier!

Discover the Waterair TOP package

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