There are various ways you can cover your swimming pool. You can install one indoors so that you can swim all year round, or cover an outdoor one with an enclosure or four-season cover so that you can enjoy your pool for as long as possible. The cover solutions that are available on the market have many features: they keep the pool safe, protect the water from external pollutants, retain – or even raise – the water temperature, etc. Advice is available to help you choose the solution that best suits your budget and desires.

The cost of a covered pool: how much will it cost to cover my pool?

A large range of options is available for covering an in-ground pool. To help you choose, you will need to decide on three important things:

  • What use do I want to be able to make of my pool?
  • What is my budget for this project?
  • What features do I want in a pool cover?

By answering these questions, you will be able to decide on the design that best suits you from among the various systems available:

How can I cover my Waterair swimming pool?

System Advantages
Indoor swimming pool Swimming all year round
Heated water
Safe pool
No overwintering
Creation of a new living space
High enclosure Swimming from May to September
Pool heated to +8°C for free
Pool safe and protected from external pollutants.
Creation of a new living space: you can stand upright under this type of enclosure
Low enclosure Swimming from May to September
Pool heated to +8°C for free
Pool safe and protected from external pollutants.
This type of enclosure enables you to swim underneath it even if it is closed
The multi-purpose Solae Waterair® Swimming from May to September
Pool heated to +9°C
Pool protected from external pollutants.
Safe pool
Easy to handle
Discreet design
Takes up very little space at the end of the pool
Overwintering reduces consumption of products and electricity
Cover with bars Safe pool
Pool protected from external pollutants.
Takes care of pool overwintering
Thermal bubble cover Helps maintain the water temperature
Facilitates maintenance

Thanks to our patented kit-pool technology, you can cover your pool without blowing your budget. By choosing to install your pool yourself, you can save up to 50% on labour costs, for a more economical or better equipped pool.
To meet all your needs, we have developed a wide range of equipment options for covering your Waterair swimming pool:

Low enclosure

Once closed, the enclosure enables you to make your pool completely safe, but not only that. It has 4 important advantages:

  • it keeps the pool safe
  • it heats the pool water to +9°C in an environmentally friendly way
  • it simplifies pool maintenance by protecting it from external pollutants 
  • it enables you to economise on water-treatment products

Solae Waterair® cover

This multi-purpose cover protects, provides a safety barrier and heats your pool. Its elegant design will blend discreetly into your garden landscape. Its translucent panels allow your pool to be visible even when the cover is closed. At night-time, you can conserve the magic of your lit pool while enjoying the advantages of having a covered pool. In addition, thanks to its removable panels, you will be able to overwinter your pool simply and save on electricity and treatment products.

Coverwat® and Watertop type multi-season covers with bars

Very robust, these covers facilitate pool maintenance by protecting the pool from dirt and by limiting the development of algae. They also maintain the temperature of your water. Obviously, they will only prevent people from falling into the water if they are put back in place after each use. Combined with a heat pump, your cover with bars will be a real asset that will enable you to enjoy your pool for longer.

Thermal bubble cover

This cover captures the sun’s rays, heats your pool water free of charge so that you can enjoy your pool for longer (in the summer, you can gain up to 4°) and protects it from pollutants.

You can cover your pool as soon as you have filled it or install a cover later on. Waterair Swimming Pool consultants, trained and employed by us, are at your service and will help you realise your project with a free and personalised feasibility study.

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