Piscine acier enterrée : une piscine qui dure

There are many ways to construct your pool. It is important to learn about the different construction methods to find the pool that best suits you. Let’s focus on the steel pool.

What is a steel pool?

Steel is a metal alloy consisting mainly of iron and carbon. Steel is a material that can be bent and so can be used to create a variety of shapes. Lightweight yet strong, steel is indispensable in constructions that are designed to be long-lasting (Steel = the Eiffel Tower, skyscrapers).

The steel pool is the perfect example. Steel makes it possible to conceive all manner of pool shapes. In addition, because steel is light, it is easy to transport to the site, facilitating installation. The steel pool is the ideal DIY pool.

It can be installed quickly, reliably and economically. The proof is in the fact the steel pool has made a name for itself. Indeed, the Olympic swimming pool used in the last Olympic Games, held in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, was fitted with modular steel panels. The reasons for choosing steel are pretty much the same for everyone: it is reliable, allows for rapid construction and is highly durable.

How long will a steel pool last?

The lifespan of a steel pool is closely related to the quality of its surface treatment.

There are several techniques:

  • Electrogalvanising (or zinc electroplating): This is a treatment that protects against rust and corrosion to prolong the lifespan of the material.
  • Hot-dip galvanisation: This is quite a complex procedure that involves totally immersing the material in a bath of molten zinc. This technique is applied to industrial parts that need to be completely resistant to the effects of corrosion over time and to exterior damage (humidity, salinity, etc.)
    The coating can be mixed with a layer of PVC to reinforce the protection of the material.
  • Galfan (95% zinc and 5% d’aluminium): This coating is extremely resistant to corrosion and prolongs the lifespan of steel parts. Galfan is recognisable by its shiny metallic surface.

At Waterair Swimming Pools, our steel panels are coated with Galfan as well as with a PVC layer to give additional protection to the structure. According to a test carried out by the CETIM (French technical research centre for mechanical engineering industries), Waterair Swimming Pools’ panels remain rust resistant even after 3000 hours of exposure to salt spray (the equivalent of 30 years of exposure to sea spray).

The steel pool has been around for more than 70 years. Its excellent longevity makes it a robust and durable pool.



A steel pool can generally be installed quickly by assembling the panels. Its watertightness is assured by a liner.

Waterair Swimming Pools’ exclusive and patented technology has been designed to ensure quick and easy installation, in any type of natural terrain, even on a steep slope. Whether the pool is in DIY kit form or assembled by a professional, everything has been designed to ensure that it can be easily installed in a matter of days. A template is provided to help you position the pool on the terrain and excavate the soil, the numbered panels are easy to handle and detailed assembly instructions are provided. Thanks to its self-supporting structure made of thick corrugated-steel panels, there is no need to lay a reinforced-concrete base slab; a simple screed is sufficient. 

On the other hand, the pool can be backfilled while still empty (unlike a shell pool). You can therefore assemble the panels, backfill your pool and landscape the pool surrounds in autumn or winter, and wait until the summer before laying the liner. With Waterair Swimming Pools, clients can work at their own pace. Thanks to the exclusive technology, you can choose to build your own pool or get help from a professional. Waterair Swimming Pools are designed to ensure that customers can remain self-sufficient and economise on labour rather than quality.

The self-supporting structure, made of galvanized-steel panels, allows you to install the pool and landscape the surrounding area during the winter and fill it with water when summer comes.



The steel pool can be renovated with the help of an experienced professional, who will carry out the work over several days during favourable weather conditions.

As a steel swimming pool should last for decades, renovation usually consists of changing the liner (the watertight surface) and perhaps adding new equipment, such as steps, heating, etc.

Waterair Swimming Pools has been selling its kits directly from the factory to the end customer since 1972, and provides them with assistance throughout the pool’s lifespan (the structure is guaranteed for 20 years). When a pool needs renovating, complete kits (liner, sealing flanges, etc.) have been designed to ensure that the work can be done quickly and well.

At Waterair Swimming Pools, renovation is done in the same way as pool installation. Everything has been designed so that clients can be self-sufficient and can renovate their swimming pool easily, quickly (in a few hours) and economically.

Waterair Swimming Pools: the leading steel-pool manufacturer.

Waterair Swimming Pools, the leader in steel kit pools, is renowned for the reliability of its thick corrugated-steel panels. The pool structure is guaranteed for 20 years with no degression. Installation is extremely simple because the product has been designed to be assembled as a kit. The structure is self-supporting so there is no need to lay a reinforced-concrete base. Waterair’s steel pools are suitable for all types of natural terrain, even steeply sloping ones!

The corrugated-steel construction, exclusive to Waterair Swimming Pools, gives the panels that make up the pool structure exceptional resistance. The study carried out by the international certification agency Bureau Veritas confirms Waterair Swimming Pools’ calculations, proving that the panels can withstand more than four times the maximum pressure exerted on the structure of your pool. In addition, their findings indicate that the panel is more stable than a 45cm-thick concrete wall.

Your Waterair pool can withstand the pressure of the surrounding soil. Even when it is empty and backfilled. This is not the case with shell pools, for example.

With more than 90 models and 200,000 variants, Waterair Swimming Pools are fully customisable, enabling you to realise your dream pool. For more information, request a free and personalised feasibility study at your home, with one of our advisors.

In addition, Waterair Swimming Pools favours short distribution channels. Sale are therefore made directly from the factory, thus providing a guarantee of quality and a fair price. A more economical and better equipped pool is within reach!

Waterair Swimming Pools is committed to assisting you throughout your pool’s lifetime. With our +50 years of experience, more than 133 000 families have already put their trust in us! And you? Do you, too, dream of a having steel pool in your garden?

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