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Have you long dreamt of having an outdoor swimming pool? And are you finally ready to make this dream a reality? Having your own outdoor pool allows you to take full advantage of your garden in summer. An ideal play area for children, it also allows adults the chance to have a swim or enjoy a refreshing break after a day at work or between bouts of sunbathing. But installing a swimming pool in your garden is also a great way to add value to your home. Focus on the different options available to you to create your outdoor pool.

Installing an outdoor swimming pool: why choose Waterair?

Installing an outdoor pool requires a lot of thought. Contacting a good pool specialist will enable you to get the right advice for installing a custom-made swimming pool.


Pools to suit your terrain

Waterair swimming pools are distinguished by their versatility and durability. Their framework composed of high-strength corrugated steel panels makes it possible for them to be installed on any terrain. This ensures quick and easy assembly of your swimming pool in your garden, regardless of its configuration. It is therefore perfectly possible to install a pool on a sloping terrain or even in clay or sandy ground. To make sure, do not hesitate to contact us and request a feasibility study: it’s free and without obligation, so take advantage of it.


Customised pools with numerous options

Waterair swimming pools also adapt to your tastes. You have a choice of different pool shapes, steps, bottom profiles and liners. Of course, you can also choose from different pool sizes. At Waterair Swimming Pools, we offer you more than 200,000 variants. With our many customisation options, you can create your own personalised swimming pool, to suit your desires, your needs and your budget.


Economical swimming pools

Waterair Swimming Pools will enable you to economise. We offer a variety of building-support packages. For example, you can save up to 50% (about €7,000) on labour costs by assembling your pool.

Robust pools

According to a study carried out by VERITAS, Waterair’s panels can withstand more than four times the maximum pressure exerted on the pool’s structure. The same study reveals that their stability is superior to that of a 45 cm-thick concrete wall. The structure of a Waterair pool is also designed to withstand extreme conditions: severe frosts, earthquakes, etc. Finally, our structures are guaranteed for 20 years.*
* According to the terms and conditions of our guarantee.


Why install an outdoor swimming pool in your garden?

Installing an outdoor swimming pool in your garden offers many advantages.


Enjoy the pool without leaving home

Above all, having your own swimming pool gives you the chance to enjoy all the benefits of bathing without having to go elsewhere. Whether you want to swim, relax or play family games, the pool is a leisure space that you can enjoy whenever you want, at any time of day or night.


Landscape your garden

Creating a swimming pool area at home is an excellent opportunity to landscape your garden and thus enhance your outdoor space. Add a barbecue, swing, garden furniture, deck chairs – rethink your outdoor space and develop your garden around your pool. Once this new space has been landscaped to your liking, you will be able to take full advantage of hot summer days with family and friends, as well as lovely poolside evenings.


Add value to your home

An outdoor swimming pool is an undeniably appealing and aesthetic asset for a house. Installing a pool in your garden allows you to enjoy not only refreshing swims with family and friends but also an exceptional living space. And if one day you want to sell your house, your swimming pool will add value to it. According to MeilleursAgents, an in-ground outdoor pool could increase the sale price by 19.5%.


Treat yourself to moments of relaxation and escape

After a hard day’s work, or at the weekend with family and friends, an outdoor pool offers you the chance to relax and unwind. It is ideal for escaping from everyday life and allowing yourself a relaxing pause. In addition, having your own outdoor pool gives you the chance to swim every day. Whether you simply enjoy swimming or are looking to get in shape, a pool will enable you to improve your fitness without leaving home. A real time saver, in addition to the benefits of water for your health!

So don’t wait: request a free feasibility study, and a Waterair Swimming Pools advisor near you will help you choose the right configuration for your outdoor pool.

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