waterair panel


Why use steel panels?

Mechanical performance

Steel has mechanical features that can cope with extreme conditions.

Freedom of forms

Its unique features (such as elasticity) mean that an infinite number of shapes are possible, so that it fits seamlessly into surrounding constructions.

Respecting the environment

Steel is a durable material which retains its properties for decades. It is also one of the most recyclable materials in the world.

Piscine semi-enterrée de forme libre Madeleine dans un grand jardin

Easy to implement

Steel is quick and easy to install. The panels are made in the factory and only the assembly is done on site.

Comfortable and energy-saving

Once steel has been combined with other materials, it provides good ways to insulate a construction.

Adjustable construction

Steel constructions can evolve and adapt easily to your changing needs.

From the end of the 19th century, the use of steel has revolutionised construction.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris (1889) and the Burj Al Arab in Dubai (1993).

Comparaison de résistance entre l'acier ondé Waterair et deux tours célèbres

Exceptional resistance

The report by VERITAS (MLH1B970074F) approved the calculations showing that the Waterair panel can resist more than 4 times the maximum pressure exerted on the structure.

Furthermore, these calculations indicate that the Waterair panel is more stable than a concrete wall, and can be up to 45cm wide.

A structure protected from fissures

Thanks to its robust steel panel, your Waterair swimming pool can withstand extreme conditions. Even in the event of hard frost, slight ground movement or installation in seismic areas, your steel swimming pool will not be damaged by fissures, ensuring a lasting investment.

Contruction d'une piscine Waterair avec panneaux en acier ondé

Incomparable durability

The Waterair panel benefits fom unique technological know-how: multi-layer protection to make your swimming pool durable.

The Waterair panel comprises: - a 150/100 steel core – on each side, galvanised alloys to ensure excellent resistance to corrosion - on both sides, a composite protection layer which gives exceptional durability.

* Non-digressive, covers all manufacturing faults, according to our general guarantee conditions.

Good to know :

Tests performed by CETIM, under extreme conditions to which your Waterair pool will never be subjected, show that after 3000 hours of salty fog (equivalent to 30 years' exposure to sea spray), there are no traces of red rust stains.

Zoom sur le panneau Waterair qui compose votre piscine en kit