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Installing an electrolysis system is one of the solutions available to you for treating the water in your swimming pool. Environmentally friendly and economical, it is a problem-free way to ensure good pool-water quality throughout the swimming season.

What is electrolysis?

The electrolyser is a device that can produce chlorine from salt. The salt water in your swimming pool passes through the electrolyser’s cell, which naturally transforms it into chlorinated water.

When filling your pool, just add 5 kg of salt per m3 of water. Your water will be slightly salty (7 times less than the sea).

As soon as the filtration system is running, this transformation cycle will begin:

Salt is composed of different molecules of chlorine and sodium. Due to the electric current generated within the cell of your electrolyser, these two molecules separate to create the chlorine that will be used to treat your water.

Then, though UV action, the salt is reconstituted, before passing through your electrolyser again, and so on.

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Waterair Swimming Pools’ electrolysis solutions

To best meet your needs, Waterair Swimming Pools offers water-treatment solutions for your pool.

Discover our range of electrolysers:

Silver: The compact electrolyser for small spaces

The Silver is an easy-to-use electrolyser that enables the treatment of all
swimming pools under 70 m3. It can be easily installed in a standard plant room. It has several advantages, namely:

  • Simple controls enabling you to regulate chlorine production depending on your pool volume
  • The cell is self-cleaning, which increases its lifespan
  • A visual warning signal indicating insufficient flow, lack of salt or wear of the cell
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In addition, the Silver electrolyser has a “Boost” function that temporarily increases chlorine production, if necessary, to disinfect your pool. This is essential in very hot weather and when the swimming pool is being heavily used.

Gold : The evolutive electrolyser

The Gold electrolyser makes it easy to switch from a simple electrolyser to an automatic water treatment device for your swimming pool. It is perfectly suited to pre-assembled filtration units, such as the Locatec and Locaroc 2.

Its features:

  • Simple controls enabling you to regulate chlorine production depending on your pool volume.
  • ’Boost’ function to carry out a shock treatment when necessary.
  • ’Smart Power’ function to ensure consistent and controlled chlorine production.
  • Self-cleaning cell for a longer lifespan.
  • Visual warning signal indicating insufficient flow, lack of salt or wear of the cell.
  • Temperature sensor to protect your device in case of cold water.
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An intelligent diagnostic programme allows you to quickly monitor its proper functioning and check its history.

Your Gold electrolyser evolves into an automatic treatment solution thanks to its pH Control and Chlorine Production Control options.

How does the automatic treatment system work?

To have good-quality, clear water, there are two factors you need to control in your pool: chlorine and pH.

Why do you need to monitor the pH of your water?

The water in your swimming pool should be neutral or slightly alkaline. The ideal pH is 7.4. This pH value will depend on the hardness of your water and the treatment products used. A poorly balanced pH can lead to various problems: a change in the colour of the water, irritation of the eyes and skin, the appearance of limestone and algae, inefficiency of water treatment, etc.

Indeed, for chlorine to play its disinfectant role, it is essential to control the pH of your pool water.

The comfort of an automatic water-treatment system

Your electrolyser will produce chlorine continuously on its own. However, you will need to continue monitoring pH and chlorine levels to ensure effective water treatment.

You can automate these two functions so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

Our Gold electrolyser is equipped with an innovative ‘Plug & Play’ system that enables you to add two options:

  • A pH regulator that will automatically adjust the pH of your water for you
  • A chlorine production monitor that halts and relaunches the production of chlorine depending on the needs of your pool*

These options are quick and easy to install. You can build up equipment at your leisure, installing the Gold electrolyser first then adding these options.

* If you install a chlorine monitor it is essential to also fit a pH regulator in order to maintain a stable pH value and ensure effective disinfection of the water.

Whatever your swimming pool project, arrange a meeting with one of our specially trained Waterair Swimming Pool consultants. They will be able to help you make your dream pool a reality by carrying out a completely personalised and free feasibility study.

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