Filwat Compact System® eco·r filter block

Waterair Swimming Pools’ regulates its procedures and makes decisions in line with a respect for social values, the environment and a sustainable economy. To this end, we have developed the Waterair environmentally friendly swimming pool: customised, heated, covered, safe, innovative and energy saving. Our goal is to offer an affordable swimming pool that respects the environment.

As part of this approach, we have launched the eco·r label to enable customers to identify all our environmentally friendly products. Discover our new innovative and low-energy filtration system!

Filwat Compact System eco·r is an integrated filter block equipped with a very low-energy pump. This innovation allows you to make considerable energy savings compared to a so-called classic filtration system.

Advantages of the eco·r filtration system

1. A pump that consumes five times less energy

The pump’s exclusive technology ensures the filtration of your pool for just 5€ per month. This equates to a saving of 268€ per year.

Example of annual electricity consumption (2018 EDF price) Price per Kwh = 0.1579€

Eco·r filter pump 57 €
Classic filter pump 325 €

2. Very quiet pump

For your comfort, and that of your neighbours, the new Filwat Compact System eco·r is very quiet. This result is obtained thanks to an exclusive and patented very low voltage submersible pump technology.

3. An aesthetically pleasing filter block

The new cover design has a modern and aesthetically pleasing appearance. The very discreet cover for the filter block can be placed flat on the pool surround. It is available in two colours: grey and off-white. The cover measures 50 cm square. It is reinforced to support a load of more than 150 kg.

4. It can be used with two types of filter media

The eco·r pump is integrated in a filter block with a choice of two types of filter media: Easy Bag and a cartridge filter (both very water efficient). 

5. Pump warranty

The pump has a six-year warranty.

6. Energy saving

FCS eco·r costs more than a classic Filwat Compact System, but the energy savings it yields will give you a return on your investment after about four years.


Compatible with:

  • All pools smaller than 36 m3
  • Possibility of adding an electrolyser

Incompatible with:

  • Pools with a deep-end pool bottom (no main drain)
  • Optional whirlpool jet
  • Double spotlight

Other Waterair Swimming Pool equipment has the Eco·R label and can be combined with the new filter block:

The combination of these different pieces of eco·r equipment with significant savings in installation costs guarantees you an environmentally friendly and affordable pool. Our creed: Good for the planet, good for your wallet!
To find out more about Waterair’s environmentally friendly pool, you can contact a Waterair Swimming Pools advisor and request a free and personalised feasibility study.

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