Pool covers

When swimming with family or friends, ensuring everyone’s safety is of paramount importance. The law provides strict regulations regarding the safety of private in-ground swimming pools. Various safety equipment is available to you. Discover our pool covers and their advantages.

Why choose a cover to keep my pool safe?

In addition to keeping your pool safe, our pool covers are multi-seasonal and will simplify your daily life:

  • They protect your pool from external pollution.
  • They limit the evaporation of water.
  • You save on cleaning products by limiting photosynthesis.
  • They help maintain the temperature.

And thanks to a new generation of multifunction covers, such as Waterair Solae®, you can heat your pool for free using solar energy.

Which safety cover should I choose?

We offer several safety covers, all of which comply with the NFP90-308 standard.

Check out our guide.

Opaque winter cover Watertop Securiwat Waterair Solae®
Safety Yes Yes Yes Yes
Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maintenance savings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temperature maintenance Winter use only Yes Yes Yes
Overwintering Yes Yes Yes Yes
Solar heating No No No Up to +9°C *
Fastening Peripheral elastic Peripheral ratchets Ratchets on reel side Ratchets on reel side
Reel system Manual Crank or optional: Vektor electric reel Crank or optional: Vektor electric reel
ED, the automatic reel system
Vektor electric reel or optional: ED, the automatic reel system
Opening time 10 minutes 10–15 min 5–7 min <3 min with the Vektor
Closing time 20 min for 2 people 20 min 3–5 min 5 –10 min

* Results recorded by Maître Corbari, judicial officer.

To ensure the safety in your garden of adults and children alike, the pool should be covered whenever it is not in use.

How can I unroll my safety cover easily?

To make things easier for you, there are solutions to facilitate managing your cover:

Vektor, the electric reel system for bar covers:

  • Unreels effortlessly in less than 3 minutes (1)
  • Light and handy
  • Wired remote control
  • You can stand on either side of the pool to unroll the cover
  • Automatic battery charger with charge indicator

(1) Recorded time for rolling up a 5 x 12 m ² cover.

ED, the automatic reel system for bar covers: the ideal solution for automating the unrolling and rolling up of your bar cover. * Thanks to its radio remote control, you will be able to cover and uncover your pool with ease, and in under two minutes.** ED is easily installed at any time without any work required.

* With a maximum width of 5.60m.
** Recorded time taken to roll up a 5 x 10.5m cover: 90 seconds.

The choice of your safety equipment will be discussed during your feasibility study. Your sales advisor will be able to help you make the best choice for your swimming pool project, your needs and your budget.

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