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Slim swimming pools: No garden can resist them!

Notice to owners of narrow gardens: we’ve designed swimming pools just for you! Discover these two models, Nina and Mila. Their narrow widths allow you to install a swimming pool where you never thought possible!

Discover the Nina model

This narrow swimming pool fits elegantly into any garden, even a small one. The Nina pool gives you a beautiful space for a refreshing dip and a relaxation area with integrated seating. It allows you to create a new source of recreational and sports activities at home for the entire family!

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New for 2022

Discover the Mila model

With its gentle curves, this is the ultimate lounge pool: it’s easy to install and move around in, and there’s a large bench where you can relax. Its 2.07 m width allows it to fit into the smallest gardens and also offers an ideal play area for children!

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New for 2022

Piano stairs: a designer touch for your swimming pool!

Specifically designed for our Slim models, these optional stairs will enhance your pool with their contemporary design. It’ll bring you comfort and facilitates access to the swimming pool.

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