Pool heat pump

During mild spring and autumn weather, you can extend the bathing season and enjoy your pool for longer thanks to our heat pumps!

How does a pool heat pump work?

It’s both user and environmentally friendly. The pump extracts heat naturally present in the air, converts it, then releases it to the pool water at a higher temperature.

fonctionnement PAC piscine

How is the power of a heat pump measured?

To assess the efficiency of a heat pump, check its coefficient of performance or COP. (1) This is measured as follows: Power supplied by the heat pump to the pool / Power consumed.
The higher the COP, the more efficient your heat pump will be and, as a result, the lower your electricity bill will be.

Choosing your heat pump

Choosing a heat pump involves considering various criteria, including the volume and type of your pool, location, exposure to wind, when you want to use the pool and whether or not it’s covered. At Waterair Swimming Pools, we have two ranges of heat pump to meet your needs.

The PAC Waterair Essentiel: a simple and efficient heat pump

The Waterair Essentiel heat pump heats or cools your pool to enable you to enjoy a temperature that’s perfect for everyone.

  • Choice of operating mode: heating, cooling and automatic mode.
  • Temperature controllable up to 28°C. *
  • Information display panel, for easy reading of parameters.

The PAC Waterair Performance: a reversible heat pump for total comfort

The Waterair Performance pump heats your pool to a temperature that’s ideal for all bathers. It regulates its power according to the temperature of the water and that of the ambient air.

  • Three modes are available, depending on your pool use:
    • Boost: to heat the water quickly
    • Smart power: to adapt to the desired temperature
    • Eco-silence: to maintain the temperature while reducing the noise level of the pump to a minimum (21 db).
  • Thanks to its Inverter technology, which controls the variation of the compressor speed, your heat pump is quieter and provides energy savings.
  • Cooling function: useful when there’s a heatwave or when the pool is covered.

Its plus point: the pump regulates itself in automatic mode. Programme it to your desired ideal temperature (up to 28°C *) and you won’t have to worry about it any more!

* Corresponds to the maximum temperature authorised for a liner according to the NFT 54-803 standard

An environmentally friendly heating solution 

The environmental impact of Waterair Swimming Pool heat pumps is limited thanks to an ‘R32’ refrigerant. This offers better energy efficiency and improved thermal capacities. It has zero impact on the ozone layer and the product is easily recyclable. 
When purchasing your pool, or later, we’re at your service to help you choose equipment that will enable you to enjoy your pool to the full.

Dive in!

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