Waterair Swimming Pools has launched its environmentally friendly swimming pool: a customised pool that’s heated, covered, safe, innovative and energy saving.

The company is constantly innovating to get ahead of the game in dealing with a key issue facing society: how to combat climate change without breaking the consumer’s budget.

This approach has led to the creation of the eco·r label, which identifies the Waterair Swimming Pool products that combine ecology and economy for the benefit of future generations.

What is an environmentally friendly pool?

  • Exclusive and patented corrugated-steel-panel technology, which is one of the lowest greenhouse-gas-emitting solutions on the market.
  • An innovative and patented energy-saving filtration system that ensures perfect water quality.* Consumes five times less energy than classic filtration systems. In addition, it is very quiet and is integrated into the pool structure, which makes it easy to use and suitable for any type of pool surround. The pump is compatible with two types of filter media: Easy Bag (supplied as standard) or cartridge kit (optional), both of which use less water than sand filtration. * six-year warranty on the pump.
  • Two solar panels, which capture sunlight to produce energy, offsetting the pump’s annual energy consumption.(1)
  • A Waterair Solae® cover, suitable for year-round use, to heat, cover and secure the pool. With a greenhouse effect, thanks to solar energy, this patented cover heats the water in the swimming pool free of charge by up to nine degrees. It keeps the pool safe and free from external pollutants. In winter, the opacity of its panels helps prevent photosynthesis and keeps the water clean. This saves on products and energy.

By combining these innovations with significant installation savings, Waterair Swimming Pools ensures that this environmentally friendly pool remains accessible to as many people as possible, enabling everyone to enjoy the pleasures of a swimming pool while preserving the environment.

Eco·r-labelled equipment

Here is a list of all eco·r-labelled equipment:

The environmentally friendly pool by Waterair is an econological investment!

To find out more about the environmentally friendly pool, contact a Waterair Swimming Pools consultant.

(1) Solar panels are not sold by Piscines Waterair, meaning that you are free to choose your equipment.

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