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Pour Noël, offrez-vous un bel été !
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Résolution 2022 : une piscine pour cet été
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Choose a pool that suits you: create a tailor-made pool that fits with your desires, your budget and your terrain.

A pool all year round, for all the family and especially, as you want it

Waterair Swimming Pools is the leading supplier of inground swimming pool kits and invented the concept of the swimming pool with a steel structure. For over 45 years, this technological innovation has allowed over 120 000 people to easily and quickly assemble their swimming pools while saving a lot of money compared to traditional swimming pools.

Swimming pool structures are guaranteed for 20 years and liners are guaranteed for 12 years. With 80 pool models and over 200,000 varieties to choose from, you can have the pool of your dreams.


The Zero-impact pool: a pool that is both economical and ecological!

Certified by the Solar Impulse foundation, the Zero-impact swimming pool is one of the #1000solutions that are helping to protect the planet.

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Solar Impulse
Solar Impulse

Choose a unique swimming pool, just like you.

A swimming pool in your garden for your entire family and, above all, based on your wishes and your budget.

Rectangular pool


You will love the simple, timeless shape of the rectangular Sara pool. The integrated Inside steps free up the space for longer swimming lengths. The perfect pool for following swimming lengths with some well-deserved relaxation. Its rounded corners make for much easier maintenance.Sizes from 3.88 m to 11.08 m.

Piscine rectangulaire Sara sur une terrasse avec dalles en béton

Free-form pool


The Cléa pool is a truly contemporary-design, multi-zone pool that is great for families.. Relaxing on the Pacio steps, you can serenely close one eye while keeping the other on the children playing. An illustration of summer days with your free-form Cléa pool.Sizes from 701 m to 9.80 m.

Piscine de forme libre Cléa sur terrasse en bois surélevée

Forme Oval pools


Its classic lines blend easily into any garden. The oval Olivia pool will delight the whole family. The addition of exterior Orbis, Paso or Welcome steps (an optional extra), which you can position where you choose, turn it into a customised multi-zone pool with an area to suit everyone. Proof that it’s as suitable for sunbathers as for serious swimmers!Sizes from 3.30 m to 22.76 m.

Piscine Olivia ovale dans une cour intérieure

lap pool

Olivia lap pool

To enable you to create the pool of your dreams – whatever that might be – Waterair Swimming Pools offers you more than 200,000 pool permutations. Discover the Olivia oval pool design in its lap-pool configuration – perfect for serious swimmers. Long and narrow, it will enable you to enjoy swimming lengths in the comfort of your own pool. Serious swimmers: this pool is made for you!

Couloir de nage de forme ovale avec escalier

Kidney-shaped pool


The kidney-shaped Sofia pool will fit whatever sort of garden you have, Its integrated Enjoy steps create two areas with two ambiances: a space for swimmers, thanks to the freed-up length, and a relaxation area for a well-deserved rest.Sizes from 6.04 m to 9.05 m.

Piscine haricot Sofia dans un petit espace

Small Swimming Pool

Lola Mini

Thanks to its small size, the mini Lola pool can fit into any surroundings. Its Pacio steps create the perfect relaxation area, where you can forget the stresses of the day. Functional and well equipped, this contemporary pool will become the stylish focal point of your garden.The bonus: you don’t need planning permission.Sizes from 3.75 m.

Mini piscine Lola dans un jardin avec une terrasse en bois

European leader in swimming pool kits

We are present in more than 29 countries around the world, and are known for our quality products and reliable services, as well as for being incredibly competitive.

20 years

structural warranty*

+45 years

as a manufacturer


property value

+120 000

happy customers

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