With Waterair TOP, you get the best of Waterair technology Enjoy a customised pool that is easy to maintain, economical to use and very quiet.


What does the Waterair TOP pool equipment package include?

The Waterair TOP package combines the most ingenious and high-perfomance equipment that Waterair has to offer.

A low-energy and very quiet filtration system:

Committed to sustainable development, we have placed innovation at the centre of our approach. The filtration system is at the heart of your pool: its mission is to take care of 80 percent of your water treatment. It is therefore a product that is essential for us to design in an environmentally friendly way. This is why, at Waterair Swimming Pools, we have developed solutions to suit to your project and your budget.

By selecting the Waterair TOP line, you are equipping your swimming pool with one of our low consumption filtration systems: you combine energy efficiency and low operating cost to reduce your energy bill and make savings every day!

An energy-saving filtration system An energy-saving filtration system

The salt chlorinator combined with the easy·care upgradeable personal assistant

To support the daily management of your pool, the Waterair TOP equipment line also includes a salt chlorinator combined with the easy·care personalized pool assistant from the ECO.PILOT line.

Combining these two connected tools makes it possible to:

  • analyse your water continuously so that your salt chlorinator produces the right amount of chlorine;
  • maintain a stable pH level over time without you having to do anything;
  • manage your filtration automatically in summer and winter, and your lighting remotely;
  • safeguard your filtration system if necessary.

Thanks to an adapted filtration time and the right dosage of cleaning products, your pool water will stay clear and healthy. And all this is controlled simply via your smartphone. Enjoy using your pool with complete peace of mind!

A smart pool assistant A smart pool assistant

The best equipment combined to benefit from the best of the pool :

The Waterair TOP equipment line responds to two major issues:

  • that of the ECO.WAT line, the purpose of which is to save you energy and money using the low consumption filtration system;
  • that of the ECO.PILOT line, providing savings on water and treatment products, and free your mind from maintenance worries by managing your pool automatically.

By combining an ECO.WAT low consumption filtration system with ECO.PILOT automated maintenance, you will reduce your pool’s consumption of electricity, water and treatment products. An end to overconsumption, and that’s good for your wallet and also for the planet!


What advantages does the ECO.PILOT line offer?

ECO.PILOT is a smart solution that manages your pool for you and saves you a lot of money.
With the salt electrolysis system included in the easy·care system, you do not need to buy chlorine blocks to be installed by hand. It produces the right amount of chlorine to disinfect your pool. This system also relieves you of worries about draining the pool, since you do not have to renew ⅓ of the water volume in the pool every year. Which helps preserve precious water resources.
What’s more, using a connected pH metering pump means an end to checking the balance of your water by hand! It regulates your pH automatically to provide efficient water treatment.

Waterair TOP equipment package:

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