What is a semi in-ground pool?

A semi in-ground pool is one that is partially buried and partially above ground. Its hybrid structure allows it to be installed on a sloping plot, for example, where it would not be possible to dig out a classic in-ground pool. Of various shapes and sizes, this type of swimming pool responds to all the wishes of families and perfectly adapts to different types of terrain, whether on slopes or with difficult access.

There are several types of semi in-ground swimming pool. They can be made of wood, composite materials, steel, concrete or a polyester shell. Each material has its advantages.

Waterair semi in-ground swimming pools: the advantages of a steel structure

The design of a Waterair swimming pool kit allows the creation of all types of pool, whether they be in-ground, semi in-ground or above ground. The corrugated steel framework and protective layers in composite materials and galvanised alloy are well-adapted to semi in-ground and above-ground pools and guarantee great solidity. During installation, just consult the assembly guide for the instructions to follow.

Focus on the advantages of the Waterair Swimming Pools steel structure:

  • Steel – a flexible material

Steel allows great freedom in terms of pool shapes and sizes. This material adapts to your wishes and allows you to build a semi in-ground pool that is perfectly adapted to the complexity of your terrain (sloping or uneven).

  • A robust material

Steel is a very robust material. That is why Waterair Swimming Pools has chosen it for the structure of their pool kits. The corrugated steel panels resist both severe frost and the pressure of water.

  • Ease of construction

Waterair Swimming Pools kits are designed to allow completely independent assembly by the buyer. 

Good to know:  
Waterair Swimming Pools semi in-ground pool kits can be assembled directly by the owner or by a professional on request.  

  • Durability

The steel structure of Waterair Swimming Pools is designed to last for many years. It comes with a 20-year guarantee. 

Good to know:
As for in-ground pools, certain steps must not be neglected: earthworks, declaration of works is the size exceeds 10m², taxes, etc.
It should also be noted that, like in-ground pools, semi in-ground pools cannot be disassembled. In both cases, the location must be carefully chosen.