Small pool, mini pool: Kézako?

These two types of small-surface pool are distinguished mainly by their size. A small pool is one that is between 10m2 and 20m2, while a mini pool is under 10m2.
In terms of legal formalities, mini pools of under 10 m2 have a real advantage in that they don't require planning permission.
These pools for small gardens are a big asset. If you want a pool simply for relaxing and taking a refreshing dip, equip it with integrated or external steps and some whirlpool jets. If you're wanting to be more active, get a jet-swim machine and an aquabike and you'll be all set for your training sessions.
There's no longer anything stopping you from making your small garden into a lovely relaxation area that the whole family can enjoy.

Mini piscine 10m2

A mini shell, steel or concrete pool: how do you choose?

There are different construction methods for creating your mini pool:

Small or mini steel pool

This type of modular-panel pool, delivered on pallets, is ideal for terrains that are difficult to access. In addition, this solution enables you to construct your own small pool in kit form. This saving on labour costs means you can enjoy a less costly or a better equipped pool.

Small or mini shell pool

Made from polyester, the mini shell pool has the same characteristics as a so-called 'classic' shell pool. Made from a predefined mould and delivered as a complete unit, it needs to be installed by a professional.

Small or mini concrete pool

This type of construction is designed and built to measure (in reinforced, sprayed or poured concrete). These pools need to be constructed by a professional to ensure a high-quality result.

Thanks to Waterair Swimming Pools steel kit-form pools, your small pool can be customised to your requirements. Tailor made, it will fit your terrain perfectly and can be installed in a matter of days. Its 20-year-warrantied structure* means you can be confident that you have chosen a good-quality pool that will last for decades.

Petite piscine semi enterrée

Wholly in-ground or partially in-ground small pool: what are the options?

The answer is simple: everything is possible! Whatever their size, Waterair pools can adapt to any type of terrain, even a steep slope. Even if your garden is atypical or on a steep slope, you will find a pool to suit you.

Discover our small pool designs:

Design Olivia Mini Sara Mini Lola Mini Emilie Mini Barbara Mini
Type Mini Pool Mini Pool Mini Pool Mini Pool Mini Pool
Length 4,23 m 3,88 m 3,75 m 3,36 m 3,66 m
Width 2,37 m 2,71 m 2,96 m 2,89 m 2,71 m
Surface area 9 m2 10 m2 9 m2 10 m2 9 m2


Petite piscine pour petit jardin

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