The purchase of a swimming pool is a serious matter that you only do once in a lifetime. It is therefore essential to choose a competent, serious and well-established professional.

Competent – They must be able to provide you with all the detailed aesthetic and technical advice you need concerning your project: size, shape, filtration system, etc., not to mention safety. Their advice must respond to your questions concerning your future use of the pool, your site and your budget.

Serious – Beware of “one shot” builders! We keep our promises and provide ongoing support, not just at the time of purchase.

Well-establisheed – Make sure of their after-sales service and check that you have at least a 10-year warranty.

ProPiscines® Label – Choose a company with the ProPiscines® label awarded by the Fédération des Professionnels de la Piscine (FPP) that commits them morally and professionally to supply quality services that meet current standards and legal requirements.

For this, there are 3 levels of labelling:

  • ProPiscines® committed: the company has signed a 5-point charter of commitment
  • ProPiscines® qualified: the pool builder is also qualified by Socotec Certification
  • Propiscines® certified (the most reliable): the seriousness of the company is assessed by a Socotec Certification audit

There are only 11 “ProPiscines® certified” companies, among which is Waterair Swimming Pools.

Why choose Waterair Swimming Pools?

Waterair Swimming Pools is a family company based in Alsace, France for over +50 years and which is established in 29 countries. Thanks to its ProPiscines® certification, ISO 9001 and its warranties, over 133 000 families have entrusted Waterair with their swimming pool projects.

Waterair pools are:

  • bespoke swimming pools: 90 models, 200,000 variations of size, shape, colour, depth, etc., ensuring you a pool that matches your image;
  • robust pools for all sites: the exclusive and patented technology of the framework consists of thick, corrugated steel panels, which guarantees the long-term solidity of your swimming pool. According to a report by the Véritas bureau, our panels have a stability the can equal that of a concrete wall 45 cm thick!
  • easy-to-install pools ;
  • economic pools: by installing their pools themselves, our customers can save between 30 and 50% on labour, with no compromise on quality;
  • guaranteed swimming pools: 20 years for the structure and 12 years for the liner.

Waterair Swimming Pools provides support for its customers for the lifetime of their pool.

Why choose a swimming pool builder with the ProPiscines® label?

CThe choice of a ProPiscines® professional means you benefit from the best service on the swimming pool market. Awarded by the FPP, this label is both a sign of professional recognition and a sign of trust for the purchasers of swimming pools.

The ProPiscines® label stipulates a number of criteria for signatories of the charter, committing them to respect the following:

  • Insurance: The company undertakes to subscribe to professional civil liability insurance and at least a 10-year insurance policy covering its activities. A certificate of insurance is given to the customer with the quote (or when signing the order at the latest).
  • Safety: The company is committed to safety, both during the construction of the pool and during its use (advice on the safety measures to install and delivery of our technical document on safety).
  • Preservation of the environment and water: The swimming pool builder is responsible and must inform customers about water treatment products and the measures to take for the reasoned use of their pool (notably for water and energy savings).
  • Establishment: The company must be present on the market for at least 3 years.
  • Information and Customer Service : The company advises the customer throughout the duration of the project. They provide the customer with their charter of commitment and respect the sales procedure. When the customer takes delivery of the pool, commissioning is carried out and explained with the help of a swimming pool user manual accompanied by the necessary information documents. A works completion certificate is established. The company also provides after-sales service.
  • TrainingEmployees are frequently trained and informed both on professional conduct and on product standards.

ProPiscines® certification also means:

  • Being available at least 5 days a week and contactable by an answering service during closing hours;
  • Benefiting from the certification of services awarded by a third-party body and being certified by a Socotec Certification audit;
  • Establishing a technical dossier for each project and performing regular site follow-up until delivery within the agreed lead time (excluding unforeseeable events).

As you will have understood by now, choosing your pool builder is no simple matter. Take your time to get informed.

Dive in!

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